24 Hours of Boots, Tanks, and Missiles

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Published on: April 7, 2013

The Kroy news agencies have been reporting around the clock on an anti-matter missile buildup at Kois Station. From Foxy News to GNN, the Kroy news has been repeatedly showing the same footage of military processionals of tanks and soldiers from Kois — feeding hysterical concerns that Mogul Pak-Kyd is a raving maniac threatening to destroy the galaxy.

Absent from the galactic dialog of this steady diet of jingoism has been Kroy’s antagonism over the last three Dynasties. After the Kois War, Kroy, Chung, and Kois agreed to pull out troops and return to the negotiating table in three months. Instead, Kroy has built over 40 bases, moved troops to the borders, conducted missile tests in Lower Kois, stationed its 5th fleet within striking distance, and conducted routine drills simulating invasion of Kois Station.

Also missing from the Kroy reporting has been Chung’s role in the recent machinations. Chung also moved military forces to the Kois border in attempt to stabilize the region. Chung does not want to see a united Kois sector nor does it want a rival nearby.

The result of all of this foreign influence has been sanctions against Kois, paranoia among the Kois Moguls, and a refusal to formally end the war.

Last week Planet Hope backed off a bit and admitted that the perhaps their most recent provocations were too harsh. Kroy announced that it was going to delay a missile test and revealed a plan of ‘lesser provocation.’

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