A 0.8 step back

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Published on: August 27, 2010

When it comes to the rights of gay Kroy citizens of the Perseus-Bound Arm, success has been a major give and take.

LGBT citizens were first told that they could not marry their same sex partners, when the controversial ‘Proposition 0.8’ amendment to the sector permit passed two years ago. But three weeks ago, gay citizens were given a glimpse of hope when the Galactic Court Judge Val Runner declared Prop 0.8 a violation of their rights.

In one of the final sections of the 136 page decision, Runner outlined his conclusion as follows:

"Proposition 0.8 has no rational basis. The gays and lesbians it prosecutes are not seeking recognition of a new right. To characterize their objective as ‘trying to gain the right to same-sex marriage’ implies our gay citizens seek something different from what any other opposite-sex couple enjoys.

"And to place the force of law behind stigmas against gays and lesbians, is to such mere assumptions about our citizens as: gays and lesbians do not have true intimate relationships; gays and lesbians are not as good as heterosexuals; and no gay or lesbian relationships deserves the full recognition of society."

Runner even when so far as to state that same sex marriages could resume while the high sector courts debated the matter further. In short, as of tomorrow, the controversial law could have been overturned entirely.

But today, before gay Perseus Armers could break out the wedding cake, the Court of Sector Appeals put a hold on the state’s ability to perform marriage rights to same sex couples while Prop 0.8’s nature was debated. The decision is being expedited, but a final verdict and a chance for citizens to speak out will not take place until 5 months from now, just before the beginning of the high Haelan holidays.

Who is bringing such vehement defense to this bill? The Court of Sector Appeals would have never put a hold on marriage laws without serious opposition to overturning the bill. Most voter organizations, like the League of Female Voters and the political action group All Equal, have openly come out in opposition of Prop 0.8 for the same reasons as Judge Runner so articulately outlined. $43.3 million krohl was raise to support the opposition of the bill. There was so much opposition to the bill that legal action was taken to stop it before, during, and after it had been put on the ballot.

So who supported Prop 0.8? Who voted it into existence against the will of the people of the Perseus Arm of Kroy? 

The very people who financed the bill in the first place: Political interest groups whose goals are based on Kroy’s conservative Philosophies.

The Union of Orthodox Gieish Congregations of Kroy, the Society of Orthodox Haelans, the Guardlow Evangelical Haelan Group, the Kroy Family Consortium, Family in Focus, and the Territorial Marriage Organization all opposed the act. These philosophy-based interest groups encouraged their members to make donations to their cause, and together they raised $39.9 million krohl to bring the amendment to the ballot.

And unlike some of the organizations that opposed the bill, these interest groups had their member’s time to contribute. And it was the combined force of the leaders of these groups, and an army of people who thought they were obligated to fight against stranger’s personal lives, that finally made Prop 0.8 reality.

The movie "0.8: The Haelan’s Amendment" accurately shows the massive amount of money and support these organizations were able to wring from their followers. Speaking with the heads of the organizers who created the proposition as well as those who have painstakingly tracked the funding and resources that went into the Prop, even the most causal observer of gay rights must feel horrified at how badly the deck was stacked against human rights.

Whether this well-financed tsunami of misconceptions and philosophical taboos will overtake basic civil rights in Kroy is still in question. But this latest glimpse of hope has given opponents of Prop 0.8 something to fight for.

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