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Published on: October 21, 2010

Activists on the Lower Kroy Arm have long since argued that marijuana should be legalized. But their efforts have been seen as biased or unrealistic. Yet a strange new ally has joined the fight – FAAIR, a rights counsel that has fought some of the most heated civil rights battles of the century. FAAIR sees legalizing pot – and creating opposition to Kroy’s drug war – as a fight for the Civil Rights of the sector’s poorest citizens.

FAAIR’s position that the ‘drug war’ waged by Planet Hope targets needy Kroy citizens is not unfounded. 50% of Arm citizens – from  all economic backgrounds – have tried pot in the past. But the people who are arrested, convicted, and serve time for non-violent drug offences are overwhelmingly poor. To make matters even more confusing, ‘drug war’ officials stipulate that drug-based offenses end in prison time. But there is a lack of consistency throughout the Kroy as to how serious a drug offense is when it involves pot.

One of these gray areas is the fact that certain Kroy sectors enjoy some freedoms when it comes to using the herb medicinally. For example, after years of progressive legislation, it is legal in the Lower Kroy Arm to openly use pot for medical purposes for certain diseases like advanced stages of Cancer.

However, recreational pot is still illegal… not that that stops people from growing it or distributing it. There are so many stations and planets growing it that growers net 20 billion krohl annually, making it the cash crop of the sector. Growing pot is so wide spread that Arm baronies have realized that completely legalizing pot could be one way to clear up their substantial debts. After all, with the recession marching on, budgets have gotten tighter for all Kroy regional governments. The Arm is not the only regional barony trying unique ways to get their budgets back in the black.

Pot Legalization Propositions 1.9 and 2.3 were drafted and quickly rose in the polls, with citizens stated that they wanted to vote the legislature it in. Accepting the propositions would  ensure that citizens 21 and over could legally use pot. Medicinal pot would remain tax free, but there would be a substantial tax on pot for recreation.

With increasing exceptions for marijuana and the recent push to legalize the drug outright, the fact that people are still being jailed for using it further infuriates FAAIR’s sense of equality. But even if the propositions pass, the FAAIR still has a emotional fight on its hands. Marijuana has been demonized over the past 80 years, first as a strong hallucinogen then as a gateway drug, despite study after study proving it to be harmless as a recreational chemical. Any fight for legalization goes up against decades of propaganda and a society that sees it’s distribution as silly or dangerous.

But this is a battle that needs to be fought. The effects of this policy change would be astounding. If the Lower Kroy Arm were to allow growers to register with the sector and sell regulated amounts of the drug, the Arm’s treasury could receive up to 30 million Krohl a year in basic taxes alone. Non-violent drug offenders would not be arrested and sent to jail, which would mean significantly less strain on the penal system. And the system would no longer have a need to destroy the lives of its poorer citizens in order to take an outdated moral stand.


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