A New Tueri is Chosen

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Published on: November 25, 2006

This week, the symbolic white smoke of the Haelan Assembly signaled a new Tueri was chosen. The Assembly opted to choose a new Tueri that was not from the Kroy baronies. One of the Forum mentors stated, “It really didn’t matter where the new Tueri was from, as long as it was not from Planet Hope.” So, Cresinalis Mousflinger now becomes Tueri Benedict XVI.

Cresinalis Mousflinger was the right hand man and temporary replacement for the former Tueri. Mousflinger is best known for his rigid tone and for his conservative stance on controversial topics. Most notably, he has a strict moral interpretation.

In the ideological battle tearing apart Planet Hope, many Hopeans were wondering which way the assembly would vote. It is pretty clear now that the new Tueri has an agenda for not only Planet Hope but for the entire galaxy. He sees that Kroy civilization is in need of a readjustment, and he has no tolerance for any deviation from his plan.

The new Tueri is a powerful ally to Elite baronies and seeks to use the Great Philosphies to alter public opinion across the galaxy. By fully exploiting conservative business interests, the Tueri has plans to solidify the party base of the Intergalactic Council. If Benedict plays to conservative Haelan Hopeans, he’ll be working with the growth sector of the Great Philosophies.

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