A Pox on the Kroy

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Published on: October 14, 2010

This week researchers have discovered that Kroy doctors knowingly infected patients with syphilis just to see what would happen to them. And until now the wider universe was ignorant of it… because these tests were performed on citizens from a station in the Stella sector, called G’wata.

Researcher Sanr Everleaf recently spoke about this discovery at the ‘History of Kroy Medicine’ conference in upper Kroy earlier this year. Everleaf uncovered records of Kroy physicians going to G’wata and collecting local soldiers, prostitutes, prisoners, and mental patients living on the station. These unsuspecting patients were forced to contract syphilis and subjected to numerous tests as the Kroy doctors worked to break new ground in treating sexually transmitted infections, or STIs.

Kroy doctors were trying to develop a pill or lotion that could be used to fight STI transmissions for soldiers in war. STIs can decimate an army faster than combat, and it was important to have medication in a form that could be carried and used both on-world and off-world. But in order to test the various forms of the medication, they needed subjects that had recently been infected with the STI. After gathering a test group of suggestible and helpless subjects, they quarantined them in a G’wata psychiatric hospital and set to work infecting them.

Syphilis is difficult to contract outside of sex. And since the object of both projects was to study the disease in unsuspecting patients, the G’wata researchers had to go to extreme lengths to infect their subjects. In an early part of the experiment the doctors used injections of the ground-up testes of infected lab animals. When that didn’t work, they focused on the male subjects, cutting the end of their genitalia and forcing an infectious infusion into the wound for hours at a time. One subject was so spooked by the methods, he reportedly ran out of the room half way through the procedure, dressing still attached to his lacerated genitalia.

The procedures these doctors were doing was shocking even for the attitudes of the time. Supervisors even went on record stating that the Kroy General Surgeon had told them that "[they] couldn’t get away with doing this in the Kroy territories."

And that was one of the reasons why the Kroy Doctors chose the G’wata station. It was far away enough from Kroy eyes to not catch the attention of the press. And between a partnership with the Director of G’wata Public Health and legalized prostitution, it was easy to find malleable subjects and gain free reign over the psychiatric hospital where the study took place.

This is not the first time Kroy doctors have lied to their patients in the name of a better tomorrow. 80 years ago in the poorer Tuskii regions of the Kroy sector, physicians created a test group of impoverished men who had contracted late-term syphilis. The doctors never told their patients that they had the STI or made any efforts to treat them. Instead, under the promise of free health care, almost 400 men were given placebos while doctors monitored what happened to the disease if left untreated. It would be more than six decades before the purpose of the experiment was discovered, and two more decades before the Baronets of the Blanco House issued apologies to the survivors.

Everleaf has been studying the Tuskii Incident for decades and found documents of the G’wataian syphilis inoculations while she was searching for old Tuskii records. She had argued for years that while the Tuskii Incident was horrible, at least the doctors hadn’t gone out of their way to create new infections…. until recently when she found evidence to the contrary.

The G’wata authorities are understandably horrified by the discoveries, and are now turning to the Assembly to take legal action against the Kroy. The G’wata baronet has called the experiments a ‘crime against all that is good in the galaxy.’ But for all the Kroy doctors’ faults in creating situations of terminal illness and prolonged suffering in their patients, at least they are learning from their mistakes. The Tuskii incident was not given an official Baronet-approved apology until 20 years after it’s discovery. The apology to the G’wataian victims came days after their experiments were discovered.



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