“It’s like Star Wars meets the Daily Show”

Aria Kalsan is a fictional universe set in the not-so-distant future. Since 1999, Aria Kalsan has been exposing cutting-edge, unique stories and satirical news articles.

Earth After ruining planet Earth, humans have spread across the Milky Way Galaxy in a struggle to survive. Feudal rulers, called the Baronage, control the resources of the entire galaxy, while the Pirate Barons and corrupt Moguls employ thugs to plunder what scarce materials remain.

Aria Kalsan mirrors our world, except that everything takes place on a galactic scale. Our cities become space stations or planets in the Aria Kalsan universe, and our nation states become solar systems. All of our world leaders, important events, and significant places have been transformed into this new and exciting universe.

From George Bush (Mogul Shrubb) to Barack Obama (Baronet Ebaj) to Joseph Kony Warlord Ferro and from Britney Spears (Brytasny Lancer) to Jon Stewart (Ron Truehart) to Julian Assange (Aien Jewels), everyone exists in the Aria Kalsan universe.

You can contribute in many ways. Tell your story and become a part of the official Aria Kalsan story.

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Welcome , Galactic Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2020