An Icy Reception for Whistleblower

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Published on: July 23, 2013

Last month, Edward Icecave revealed the Kroy Baronage’s massive, dragnet spying operation to capture all communications to and from Kroy. Then, he fled to the opposite end of the galaxy and ended up in the transit area of Rhosian space.

This week, the Kroy Security Agency has put new security measures in place in reaction to the leaks while continuing harsh rhetoric and warnings to turn him over.

Meanwhile, the former Kroy spy agency contractor has been stuck in limbo. Although several planets all the way on the opposite end of the galaxy have offered him asylum, he has no feasible way to reach them. His best bet is to gain papers to allow him to leave the Rhosian spaceport soon. Although he would not technically be granted asylum for a few months, he could move about the frigid central planets of Rhosia. Finally, if all goes well for him, he could file for Rhosian citizenship.

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