Baronet preaches ‘patience’ cleaning up after Mogul Shrubb

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Published on: May 26, 2009

There are always going to tough decisions made by Baronet Ebaj.  In times of trouble we look to our leader to make the ‘tough’ verdict.  After all, it’s a leader’s job, right?     This, though, is not such a hard decision. “This” being a series of pictures captured during Mogal Shrubb’s reign.

In this instance you have to ask yourself, what is the right thing for Baronet Ebaj and Planet Hope to do with this bombshell?

In this case torturing and humiliating prisoners in Kroy custody and tainting the reputation of Kroy is not only wrong, but shameful as well, as we found Mogul Shrubb to have a hand in parts of the scenario.  But, to present the full evidence of such situations can be devastating to us and a catalyst for the inflarants to gain strength. So what is the ‘right’ thing to do?

Mogul Shrubb’s approval rating plummeted as Kroy people started to realize his leadership flaws.  The mistakes made by Mogul Shrubb became a symbol of Kroy and its troops. It caused a great deal of outrage throughout the galaxy.

As Baronet Ebaj is cleaning up Mogul Shrubb’s mess, more and more disgusting facts have begun to surface.  And many people feel that Ebaj is handling them with care and caution, perhaps even too much caution.  Accounts of physical, psychological, torture, and even murder during the past 5 years of those held in a Kroy run Prison have become factual, not just suspect and quick action to calm the situation is necessary.

As the prison is being renovated to try and cosmetically cover the past and the brutal things that happened there, Kroy’s image has definitely been tarnished; perhaps beyond repair.  Kroy authorities have documented a series of atrocities during the aftermath of the galaxies outrage.

The Kroy Liberties Union filed a Freedom of Information Act request on Tag 28 Monat 98 for all photographs pertaining to Kroy military detention operations. It filed a lawsuit the following year after that request was denied.

Last month Baronet Ebaj wanted the release of some 60 pictures of Inflarants being tortured for public view.  Now, he has reversed his decision and ordered The Kavaliro to object to the planned release of those photos. He fears the Inflarants would use the resulting public outrage to prove once and for all that Kroy is an evil democracy and must be destroyed.   In turn, Kroy Soldiers would be in even larger danger than they are already.  Kroy’s troops, already on an unfriendly planet, would be hurdled toward another level in this dispute.  Anger, indignation and quick fury would entice enemy soldiers to become emotionally charged and to fight with new and passionate strength.

The Baronet is making an impact during his first few months in office, fixing blunders made by Mogul Shrubb and giving Kroy a reason to look toward the future with open and bright eyes, but people may have to be patient and trust in the The Kavaliro.

The process of returning Kroy to its natural and respectable position may take longer than predicted.  The Baronet is doing everything in his power to restore Planet Hope and Kroy to its top spot in the galaxy and regain dignity among the Barons and Baronesses. Given time, he may succeed. But patience is not rampant among his collegues, let alone his opposition.

Time will tell.

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