Baronial Super Powers Kibitz in Kal Chess Match

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Published on: May 31, 2013

— Discascar Station, Keyturas, Kal Kerashim Region. The Mogul of Keyturas has once again entered the main stage of galactic affairs and political theater.

The Eurysan Alliance has stated that they may begin supplying rebels opposed to Mogul Piyyat with weapons, while members of the Rhosian Elite have declared that they will be selling Pushtawaugh anti-air rockets capable of shooting down shuttles and atmospheric fighters to Mogul Piyyat’s forces.

Assistant Leige of Inter-Stellar Relations for Rhosia, Surgy Ribot, stated, “Rhosian missiles will be a ‘stabilizing factor’ that could dissuade ‘some hotheads’ from entering the conflict.”

In a rare sign of aggression towards the Rhosian Baronage, Azotus Station’s Defense Commander stated that any shipment of arms from Rhosia may be destroyed en route to Keyturus. If such happens, it would not be the first time that Azotus Station has been on the offense concerning the Keytarus Civil War. Late last month, Azotus bombed facilities on Keyturas.

In regards to some of the other hot-heads possibly referred to by Surgy Ribot, not all members of the Eurysan Alliance are so gun-ho about sending arms to the rebels, though the Elite in Bryttasish and Gothal regions seem to be leading the charge.

The Kroy Baronage seem to still be playing from the side-lines, not yet sure whether or not to fund the rebels. Mogul Ghon Mclayn made a surprise visit to Keytarus Monday, which was Lost Patriots Day in Kroy Space. He is the highest ranking Kroy official yet to step foot on Keytarus soil.

While Mogul Mclayn has spoken out for arming the rebels, the Kroy Baronage is attempting to balance their economic and political needs/gains against peace and prosperity in Kal Kerashim. Past instances of arming rebels in foreign sectors of space have historically shown that surplus weapons may be to used against the interest of the Kroy Baronage.

Sadly, while the rest of the Galaxy plays their games, the rebels and Moguls of Keyturas countdown towards their scheduled peace-talks next month.
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