Big Baronage is Watching You

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Published on: June 8, 2013

— Hope, Kroy. It came to light today that communications giant, Vertical Horizon, has been granting the meta-records of their customers to the Kroyland Security Department, via secret warrants granted by the Baronage.

Meta-records detail each call’s number, recipient, time, and the duration.

While these meta-records apparently do not detail what was said in any particular conversation, the information can be used if a person is linked to a crime or suspected of being in the midst of preparing a crime. The KSD can then access the records via a warrant from a secret court.

Following this, news broke that other communications data-banks have also been mined for information, and the program that controls these searches has only been growing in use for the past six years.

At least one author of the law that has granted this intrusion stated that he never intended such to happen when he helped write the “Regional Patriot Pact,” following the spike in terrorist activity over a decade ago.
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