Blader outs von Awfil on Election Bribe

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Published on: June 13, 2009

Kurt Blader has come out with a frontal attack on Follikel von Awfil (Folli), one of three Olikratic primary hopefuls to become the next Kavaliro de Old Dominion. He accuses von Awfil of committing bribery during the last baronet coronation.

Blader claims that in a conversation with von Awfil during that race, the ex-Olikratic Baronial Committee (OBC) Chairman told him point blank "If you stay out of my nineteen baronies, and just stick to the other thirty-one, I’ll support you and provide resources." The nineteen were noted to be some of the most hotly contested battleground baronies in Kroy.

The mud is flying, no less, during the same week that Old Dominion voters go to the polls for the next kavaliroj primary. Folli von Awfil has called on Mogul Villy Clivton to take temporary leave of his post as newly-appointed Kroy Special Envoy de Citadel Au Kavaliro to stump for him and help secure his nomination. Despite all of Clivton’s hi-jinks while in the Blanko House, he still seems to have an aura about him that attracts voters like flets on helcose. Polls indicate that von Awfil’s success may hinge on his friend’s ability to charm, even mesmerize, the masses into casting their ballots for him. Some skeptical voters who have not been drinking the Olikratic Schill-aid have voiced their concern that this is merely a means of keeping the ex-Mogul’s agenda alive and building on his already over-inflated Blanko House legacy of greed and mistrust.

Blader voiced his warning that von Awfil is trying to retrace Mogul Villy Clivton’s path to become the Mogul of Planet Hope, using the Kavaliro de Old Dominion seat as a springboard to the next baronet coronation. Blader further claims that pressures are mounting against non-baronial candidates who want to give voters more choice with new and fresh ideas, and he is not about to stand by and let this happen. Blader wants to remove the stench of old politics from both Planet Hope and Old Dominion, and is urging voters to look at other candidates’ credentials.

In response, von Awfil denied the charge and pointed to the absence of documented proof of the alleged conversation. He counter-claims that Blader is merely trying to steer voters away from von Awfil’s ticket, blocking his chance to compete in the next Old Dominion kavaliroj contest against Jik ven Vommel, the Rhinoken Baronial Committee (RBC) candidate. According to von Awfil, this will give ven Vommel and his sagging Rhinoken party an edge by pitting him against the weaker Olikratic candidate.

So far, no one has been able to produce an authentic deed to any of these nineteen baronies with von Awfil’s name on it, despite the fact that he’s out-spending his opponents by millions. Nevertheless, a proposition of such magnitude, if true, speaks volumes about von Awfil’s inherent fear of losing votes. This should be a warning to all voters to take a hard look under the hood of von Awfil’s coronation machine. As was often suspected during the last baronet coronation, they may find that it’s running on weasel fuel.

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