Bryttasish General Speaks

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Published on: November 26, 2006

–Packing Station

A high ranking Bryttasish military official voiced his concern today about the way the war is going on Badqira Gahd, and has stated that they should “leave sometime soon.”

This comes on the heels of an announcement from the Kroy Territories that their military will keep troop levels the same for the next four years.

General Tannet, of the Bryttasish military, said, “We kicked the door in three years ago, and the battle hasn’t yet changed. We have followed the strategy to install a more friendly government, and have followed the mandate of the Elite. We are, effectively, making the situation worse by staying.”

There are currently over seven-thousand Bryttasish troops on Badqira Gahd serving as peace-keepers.

There has been no official word from the Bryttasish Baronage, though General Tannet’s comments contradict what has been said previously.

Some believe that his remarks come as a warning to the leaders of the Bryttasish Territories.

“The initial tolerance that our soldiers were greeted with has turned to intolerance, and our optimism has been our downfall. We had a poor plan, and that is a fact. We have enraged the people of the Saliman Philosophy, and the recent attacks on out soil are an indicator of this. These people were enraged previously–I am not saying that our presence in Badqira Gahd has caused this… we have only made things worse by staying.

“Our invitation has worn out.”

Elsewhere in the galaxy, the military situation on Kois Station has heated up.

General Tannet began serving in his post six months ago.

Kois Station tested their first Doomsday Device earlier this week despite Galactic threats to cease their attempt of creating such a destructive weapon. They implanted the device into an asteroid and set it off, causing a radiation reading that could be read across the Asadian Territories.

The Kroy Territories are pushing for an embargo of all goods into and out of Kois Station space. Several parties are urging Mogul Shrubb to conduct talks with Mogul Ill Gy. He has refused to do so, and stated that he will only speak to Mogul Ill Gy if all members of the seven party talk are willing to meet.

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