Galactic Countdown to Extinction

Categories: Galactic News
Published on: December 1, 2011

The Elite Baronies’ annual galactic climate summit has started this week with ironic, cataclysmic timing. Just before the Moguls and Baronage began talks, a flare of solar radiation spiked through the outlying TerraBases. Radiation pummeled the unshielded domed cities of 3.5 million inhabitants, destroying 700 homes, causing extreme burns to thousands, and claiming the lives of ten men, woman, and children.

Deadly solar storms have been increasing this month, and the Lower Terrajin planets have received twice the amount of radiation the TerraBases can absorb. Normally, the Baronage outfits the TerraBases with heavy solar shields or atmospheric dispersers to protect inhabitants from damaging ultraviolet rays. However, 64% of Lower Terrajin planets are below the galactic poverty level and receive sub-optimal protections from such events.

Earlier this month, thousands of scientists from the Interbaronial Panel on Climate Change clearly linked increasing amounts of radiation in the galaxy to extreme galactic anomalies, solar flares, and radiation storms. Despite strong evidence showing the connection to human-induced climate change, energy moguls from Kroy have hindered previous efforts to address radiation in the Milky Way. Most likely, instead of discussing how to prevent such deaths, the panel will probably negotiate ways to delay taking any sort of action.


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