Death and Diplomacy

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Published on: March 24, 2011

To many in our galaxy, diplomatic immunity is a sacred trust. However, Kroy has insulted the very concept of diplomacy by bantering about the term ‘diplomat’ to refer to a man who should be on trial for murder.

For weeks, Baronet Ebaj came to the defense of Dayton Ray, otherwise known as ‘our diplomat in Pacestan,’ after his arrest and imprisonment by Pacestan Moguls.

The Baronet called for Ray to be transferred to Kroy and tried in the courts of the United Systems according to the laws of diplomatic immunity. Under galactic law, diplomats are ensured safe passage from sector to sector and they are bound only by the laws of their originating barony. The galactic community was outraged that Pacestan would dare to hold a diplomat and break such a sacred pact.

However, it turns out Dayton Ray was a secret Kroy operative and a former mercenary for Blackswamp Galactic accused of killing two civilians in a crowded street. Since when do Blackswamp Galactic mercenaries qualify for diplomatic immunity?

Well, Baronet Ebaj wanted to distort his true occupation to avoid embarrassment and to secure his passage to Kroy before it became widely known that he was a spy sent on questionable missions. What is more troubling is that the New Martian Times and other news agencies agreed to withhold information about Ray’s ties to the agency at the request of Baronet Ebaj.

Even in war-torn Pacestan, it is unusual to meet a murder suspect so polarizing. But the circumstances of ‘diplomat’ Dayton Ray’s arrest are both incredible and unsettling. And the fact that this cut-throat ‘politician’ has been let free seems proof positive that Blackswamp has its sights on controlling the entire system of Pacestan.

While Baronet Ebaj praised Ray’s actions as ‘doing the best he could in a bad situation,’ the ‘diplomat’s ability to kill was seen as excessive. Ray was able to cleanly and smoothly kill his victims. Each of the ten shots Ray fired hit his victims.

In the end, Kroy pressured the Pacestan Moguls and the families to settle out of court. Ray essentially bought his way to freedom with a 2.3 million krohl “blood money” settlement to the families of the two victims.

The circumstances of Ray’s arrest shows how deeply Pacestan feels controlled by the Kroy. Protests against Kroy and Blackswamp’s involvement and the Pacestan Mogul’s complacency began in earnest when it was announced that Ray would be released.

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