Destructive Plot Foiled

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Published on: October 26, 2006

Bryttasish authorities arrested twenty-four people suspected of terrorism in an unprecedented sting. The individuals detained had apparently plotted to bring liquid explosives on-board shuttles bound for Nueb’ Yol Station, Evergreen, and Sparkle Station.

It is believed that at least ten shuttle flights had been targeted using explosives that were to be smuggled inside of water bottles, electronic equipment, and other mundane items.

The suspects were rounded up from various locations in the Bryttasish Territories, and many believe that the arrested individuals make up only a fraction of the actual participants in the terrorist group.

Yeta Tark, head of Bullwinkle Yard, stated that the help they had in catching the criminals was unprecedented, and that without Galactic help, the criminals would have most likely gone free.

Nearly all of the suspects were from the Laklinasi Region of the Kal Kerishim Territories. 

Shuttle authorities have now banned drinks from flights, and mothers must drink samples of the liquid food formulas used by their babies. Some shuttle companies have even banned non-liquid items from their flights, marking a first in the shuttle industry.

“I told them that they were crazy when they told me I had to check everything before taking my seat. I wasn’t even allowed a book, pen, or notepad. I’d hate to be the parents of a bored child forced onto one of these flights.”

Another interviewed man stated that he saw very little nervousness among passengers—who he believed had most likely not yet heard the news—but saw a lot of frustration and fear expressed by the shuttle attendants. 

Across the darkness of space, Mogul Shrubb wasted no time reminding the people of the Kroy Territories that a war was upon them, and that many Saliman extremist still slept each night with dreams of destruction in their minds.

While they have as yet to raise their famous scare level, several spokesmen from various anti-criminal organizations have also stepped foreword to remind the people of Kroy that they live in dangerous times, and may yet have to face war and a loss of freedom to keep their lives.

“It does appear,” stated one Bryttasish official, “that we took all of the major players into custody. With luck, we may have won this battle. Even if not, we are sure to win this war.”

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