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Diplomatic Outrage for the Death of a Terrorist

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Published on: May 20, 2011

For ten years Mogul Ehaj Bin Hana was the most wanted man in the galaxy. With his orchestrated attacks on the Kroy and developed galaxies, he and his followers had killed thousands of people and drove a deep ideological wedge between the Kroy, Eurysan, Ynde, and Kal baronies. But with Ehaj’s shockingly violent death at the hands of the Kroy military, the gap has grown larger.

Kroy special forces killed Mogul Ehaj two weeks ago in a risky raid on his home on the orbiting satellite of Galaxiabad. With a large military presence, this simple farming satellite was a good place to take cover and hide from prying eyes. And Ehaj did his best not to be noticed. He stayed off the feeds, and instead had couriers run information to his followers. He confined his family members to one level of the quarters. And he asked that all of his needs in the outside world be taken care of by one of his personal friends. It was one of these friends that the Kroy was able to track, and through his movements, find Ehaj.

The Kroy struck at Mogul Ehaj’s compound in a fierce, quick firefight that left Ehaj and several of his followers dead. Ehaj reportedly returned fire during several parts of the battle, but was eventually shot unarmed in one of the inner rooms in the home. The Kroy pronounced this a firm a decisive victory: there were few casualties on either side and the man they had hunted for a decade was finally dead. After Ehaj’s identity was confirmed with a blood test and photo, his body was prepared for death in the Saliman traditions and spaced so that no one could turn the grave site into a shrine. Baronet Ebaj announced Ehaj’s death on the Kroy news feeds one day later. Suddenly, the streets of the major Kroy stations erupted in jubilant celebration.

But among Mogul Ehaj’s former allies, the man’s death was not so cut and dry.

Kal news reported his demise as something of a mixed tragedy. Mogul Ehaj was a leader of ilQeata, one of the largest guerrilla forces in the galaxy, and he was one of the most charismatic leaders in the Terrajin and Kal sectors. Always held in high regard by both sides, Mogul Ehaj had a reputation as something of a kind, older uncle to thousands of Kal. To his followers, he was someone who could stand up for them against the Kroy when no one else would. And this kind, dear uncle had been apparently slaughtered by the people he was protecting them against.

To make matters worse, the Baronet of Galaxiabad and the Elite have all begun to question the Kroy’s methods during the raid. Galaxiabad was furious that the Kroy would perform an operation of this caliber without consultation. And the Elite wanted Ehaj brought to justice and tried. And as the Kroy’s arrogance was one of the main factors that drew people to the Mogul, this final act only seemed to reinforce their hamfisted reputation.

But the Mogul would have never shirked from using similar methods on any member of the Kroy. And his desire to destroy them is not just in the minds of the protesting Kroy forces. As the Kroy allies have begun to go through more and more of Ehaj’s files, the fact that this kind, dear uncle was a calloused killer is increasingly apparent. Ehaj’s ties to seemingly isolated attacks on Kroy transportation stations have been found. And a sort of morbid calculation has also been found in Ehaj’s notes. He informed his followers exactly how many Kroy lives they would have to take before the Kroy deemed them too dangerous to deal with. The Mogul would not have stopped until every last Kroy citizen was destroyed.

Kroy forces set to attack Ehaj Bin Hana’s compound created a deep riff when they did not trying to capture him and bring him to trial. And the wounds from that miscalculation will not heal any time soon. In killing the ruthless terrorist in cold blood, his Kroy enemies have sunk to his level. And the validation that the means of justice can only come through your enemies death will be felt for years to come.

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