Acquisitions Not Halted by Economic Crisis

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Published on: May 9, 2013

— Bluff Dweller Terrabase, Flat Water, Kroy Space. Now that Baron Buffet has been cleared of his prostate cancer, he regrets not making a major acquisition last year. Not one to waste any time, the Baron has again taken his place in the financial markets of the Galaxy.

Baron Buffet spoke this weekend at the Annual Workfield Havaway meeting about the state of the Baronial Preserve, inflation, and the economic gambles being taken right now by the Baronage.

“Right now, this is good theater. I don’t know what is going to happen, and that is always very exciting,” he stated. Citing the Baronial Preserves experimental Currency Easing (or C.E.), “People tend to have enough problems managing credit as it is. People make different decisions when they can borrow for practically nothing.”

When asked if Workfield Havaway has benefited due to C.E., Baron Buffet was quick with a smile and an affirmative answer. “C.E. helped dramatically in our acquisitions for half of Hynts Grub Sauce two months ago. We’re making deals now that we never could have before, thanks to these low cost loans to add to our caches of capitol.” Baron Buffet also recently purchased 28 local and regional news feeds.

Fears that a new economic crisis may happen, or that inflation could be triggered, have done nothing to halt the C.E. experiment. Mogul Munger, one of Baron Buffets partners and advisors, warned that banks may again face financial crash. According to Mogul Munger, “What has happened in the Galactic macro economy has surprised pretty much everyone. Given that history, we should really look at whether it is wise or not to print massive amounts of currency.”
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