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10th Dynasty (Current timeline)
humanity faces tough decisions for survival and sustainability

  • Baron Gates X rules over Mars.
  • The Elite contains 192 member baronies.
  • The Intergalactic Council contains 26 member baronies
  • The MADS disease is diagnosed and given a name.
  • Brandenburg Wall falls, signifying the fall of the Rhosian Empire.
  • The Confederated Rhosian Baronial Union dissolves.
  • "Galacticism" triggers a new information revolution.
  • The Chung Barony reclaims several systems.
  • The “One Philosophy, One Galaxy” philosophy permeates Chung.

9th Dynasty
a renewed period of experimentation, change, and revolution

  • Baron Gates IX rules over Mars.
  • Haelan Prince, charismatic civil rights leader and Haelan Mentor, is assassinated.
  • The Chung Cultural Revolution elevates Baron Mao’s status.
  • Kroy baronies prevail against the Rhosian baronies Race to the Galactic Center.
  • Intergalactic Messenger Network creates the inter-galaxy Satellite Network.
  • Baron So’Hi Minh overcomes Gothal colonizers and then successfully defends against a Kroy invasion.

8th Dynasty
a new hope is born for the galaxy

  • Baroness Gates VIII rules over Mars.
  • Music sensation “Aaron” amazes Kroy teens with a new and controversial music.
  • Rhosia launches the first deep traveling companion device.
  • Post-war Kroy baronies launch into a baby-boom

7th Dynasty
the Second Galactic War defines an entire Dynasty

  • Baron Gates VII rules over Mars.
  • Baroness KrocDonalds becomes the galaxy’s most influential builder and titan of industry.
  • The Kalsan complete the Theory of the Fundamental Laws of Nature.
  • Mogul Adolf launches the Klimronomia War with the aim of the total annihilation of the Gieish peoples.
  • The Second Galactic War (GW II).
  • First anti-matter diffusion reaction.
  • Faster-than-light-speed travel is exposed as the galactic pioneers and the Kalsan return from the Core.
  • The Moguls unite against the Baronage.
  • The Kroy baronies drop the first anti-matter bomb to end the Second Galactic War. As a token of remembrance, the Kalsan take the names of the fallen Baronage families.
  • Satchmo Louistrong, a charismatic, significant, and innovative musical performer, dominates the charts.
  • In response to GW II, fifty-one selected baronies are chosen to form The Elite
  • The Kalsan reveal the secrets of faster-than-light speed craft.
  • To combat the Confederated Rhosian Union, the Intergalactic Council is formed.
  • Segregation by “Heritage” under DiEh Trapa begins in the Arm of Terrajin in the Lower Terrajin systems.
  • Baron Mao becomes one of the most powerful political leaders in the galaxy and overthrows Chung Nationalists.

6th Dynasty
the Great Crash casts doubt upon the Milky Way Galaxy

  • Baron Gates VI rules over Mars.
  • The Great Crash cripples the economy of Kroy and other baronies.
  • Karamchand, Ynde spiritual and political leader, opposes the Bryttas baronies with civil disobedience.
  • Kroy courts sentence Mogul Alfonse to eleven years in Gannetraz Prison for tax evasion.
  • The Baronage lifts the siege against the Kalsan Citadel Mercury Kesseke.

5th Dynasty
the First Galactic War unites the galaxy in conflict

  • Baroness Gates V rules over Mars.
  • The Republic Chung Baronies are established.
  • In the First Galactic War (GW I), the Associated Baronies, oppose the group known as the Galactic Center.
  • The Second Rhosian Revolution leads to a period of civil war and to the creation of a provisional government.
  • The Baronage begins the Citadel siege against the Kalsan Citadel Kesseke.
  • A syndicate of blackmarket criminals profit from the siege.

4th Dynasty

  • Baron Gates IV rules over Mars.
  • Ju Saahsan brings the Kalsan Alliance into the open.
  • The Baronage attempts to rebuild Earth with the aid of the Kalsan.
  • The Kalsan build the Citadel Kesseke on Mercury.
  • Baroness Victoria dies.
  • The First Rhosian Revolution topples Mogul Nicolas II’s bloodline.

Galactic Core Timeline
The Galactic Core Timeline is a completely separate chain of events that occurred simultaneously in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

  • Captain Cristobal arrives in the New System.
  • Espanese shuttles colonize the New System and exploit the native Na’Gnasci peoples.
  • Kroigo Vespucci returns from his explorations of the "New Galaxy." The Kroy planets and space stations named after him.
  • Baronet Hernando defeats the Lotech Empire.
  • The New Stelan stations are established.
  • Gothal shuttles arrive in New Galaxy.
  • The Anglish arrive in New Galaxy.
  • The Nederstaion arrive in New Galaxy.
  • Baronet Francis becomes the first Anglish to travel across the galaxy.
  • War of the Espanese succession.
  • The Great Bryttas baronies are formed.
  • Bryttasish troops capture the Gothal station Acadia.
  • The Oldgople engine revolutionizes space travel.
  • Gothal and Bryttasish East Ynde companies become serious rivals in Ynde.
  • Kalsan Kay invents the transgalactic shuttle prototype.
  • The Oldgople engine becomes more efficient.
  • Sangans invade Ynde baronies and plunder Dawalis.
  • Baroness Catherine accedes the Rhosian baronies.
  • The Thirteen Colonies of Hope are formed in Kroy.
  • General George Hope defects from the Bryttasish army.
  • The Kroy planets declare independence from Great Bryttas.
  • The Gothal baronies join the Kroy in war against the Bryttasish Empire.
  • The Stelan baronies join the Kroy.
  • Baroness Boer clashes with Zhosians in the southern Terrajin baronies.
  • Great Bryttas accepts the independence of the Kroy baronies.
  • The Empereur des Gothal rules the Gothal stations and planets and then most of Arm of Eurysa galaxy.
  • The War of the Fifth Dynasty.
  • The Spread of the Galactic Technology Revolution.
  • The Kroy forcibly resettle Na’Gnasci from the New System.
  • Baroness Victoria begins reign over the Bryttas baronies.
  • The First Sangan War.
  • The Battle of Blood Asteroid.
  • The Kroy baronies expand their territories and lead a genocide against the Na’Gnasci.
  • Samuel Cunard begins transgalactic shuttle service.
  • Bettgusse becomes a Kroy barony.
  • Stelan-Kroy War over Bettgusse and surrounding space stations.
  • The Baroness Siemens sisters improve shuttle production.
  • The Second Galactic Revolution, later called the Technological Revolution or the "Great Leap."
  • Kalsan F. B. invents the galacticgraph communication COM device.
  • The Second Formless War.
  • Galactic Firearm Association is formed.
  • The Kroy Mineral Rush.
  • Gothal troops, under the guidance of Empereur des Gothal III, try to collect debts to fund an invasion of Kroy but are defeated in Stelan territories.
  • Kroy Civil War.
  • Mogul Cyrus completes the first successful transgalactic cable with the aid of the Kalsan Alliance.
  • Baroness Victoria becomes Empress of Ynde and a famine follows.
  • Mogul Graham patents the galacticphone.
  • >Gothal Tower, the largest TerraTower, completed at Galactic Exposition.
  • Espanese – Kroy War.
  • Presser, Righteous Balance Society, Rebellion against Kroy influence in Chung baronies.
  • Transvaal War eliminates foreign influence in Terrajin space.

3rd Dynasty

  • Baron Gates III rules over Mars.
  • The first pioneers populate the Galactic Core.
  • The leaders of the System establish and formalize the Baronage system of government across the entire Galaxy.

Galactic Core Timeline
When explorers from the Third Dynasty claimed the Galactic Core, a completely separate chain of events simultaneously occurred in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

  • The Baronage and rival Moguls explore the galaxy.
  • Vigorus the Blue uncovers the sectors of the galaxy known as Darkspace.
  • Vigorson Leaf discovers what would be later known as the Kroy systems.
  • The first explorers from Earth reach the Galactic Core.
  • The Corean Campaigns, vicious Philosophical battles, begin between the Eurysan planets and the Kal Kerishim planets.
  • The Peasants Campaign is crushed by Kal armies, and the survivors join the First Campaign.
  • The First Campaign is a success. Vital bases are captured in Kal and Na’Gnasci territories.
  • The Second Campaign, the Third Campaign, and the Fourth Campaign target Kal space.
  • The Children’s Campaign results in many inhabitants being sold into slavery or dying of disease.
  • The Fifth Campaign is a total failure.
  • Asadian Mynz warriors, led by the Great Khan, invade the galaxy.
  • The Sixth Campaign and the Seventh Campaign last for years.
  • Mogul Polo travels to Chung and establish trade routes.
  • Baronet Henry the Navigator builds school for pilots and navigators.
  • War between and the Eurysan planets and the Bar Gret Saah Empire. The Empire opens markets and continues to profit from shuttle routes. Crusading Campaign warriors refuse to travel route to Kal Kerishim or Asadian planets and space stations.

2nd Dynasty

  • Alexander Gates becomes the baron of Mars and forms the Alliance.
  • Baron Gates II rules over Mars.
  • The Foundation, led by Baroness Lee, splinters the population of the System.
  • The shuttle Olympus destroys the Kalsan shuttle the Empire State.
  • Baroness Lee and Mueller are believed to have perished.
  • Inhabitants across the galaxy are divided by Heritage.

1st Dynasty

  • Ranger III mysteriously disappears from Terra Luna.
  • Robert Gates and his supporters leave for Mars.
  • The inhabitants sustain life on Mars and settle into a routine.
  • Mars’ C-8-LA Base sends the first Wave Pulse inter-system broadcast signal.
  • Scientists at Terra Luna develop a near-light speed shuttle.
  • The Assembly barely passes a resolution to adopt the Declaration.
  • Shuttles bring more supplies, resources, and personnel to Mars.
  • Expeditions from Terra Luna secretly scavenge more resources from Earth to expand the station into a galactic launch site.
  • Carol Gates dies giving birth to Alexander Gates.
  • Gates’ administration finishes construction on two biologically sufficient domed cities, or a TerraBase, on Mars.
  • Ju’Saahsan meets with Gates for the first time at Mars’ C-8 Base.
  • The revolutionary Type T Fjord Shuttle introduced.
  • A group of scientists called the Kalsan aid Martian reveal the beginning of Theory of the Fundamental Laws of Nature.
  • The Coalition allies with the International Assembly.
  • Ju’Saahsan secretly forms the Kalsan Alliance with Lady Kalerva and Ambassador Ju’Ke.
  • Near light-speed travel is first tested at Luna Station.
  • The leaders at Terra Luna and Mars divide the solar system into baronies.
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