Explosions Rock Kroy

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Published on: April 19, 2013

To those wishing to live peaceful lives, the galaxy appears to be in shambles. Rhetoric from Kois Station has intensified, and despite calming words and shifting tactics from Planet Hope, the hornets nest appears to be stirred. The GAP has been reporting on a terrorist bombing four days ago on Great Blue Crater that has alerted the entire Kroy region in ways reminiscent of a decade past. Political players of the Kroy region have recently been put on alert due to the mailing of poisons to key members of Kroy leadership.

Adding to this mix of chaos and confusion, a fertilizer factory on Bobolaco, near Bettgusse, exploded today. As it is, no facts are currently known other than the time of the explosion, and that as many as—or more than—one-hundred people may need medical treatment.

At this moment, reporters such as myself can only speculate as to the reason for the explosion. One can only imagine what the Kroy population is feeling.

One might first think of domestic terrorism acts from recent memory, such as the Baronial Building bombing by extremist Timothy McVivo, or the panfax scares after the fall of the Twin Stations. Coupled galactic terrors and domestic fears will lead many in Kroy to sleep less for the next few nights.

While the fertilizer factory explosion may be simply an act of error instead of terror, we as a people will still be left with a mark of either malignant casualty, or a loss due to safety. Either our baronial overseers let us down, or humanity has again slapped us in the face.

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