Fear and Murder in Lizbe…

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Published on: November 24, 2012

The eccentric Kroy millionaire Ricard McStray has made international news this week, with his suspected involvement in the murder of a fellow expat. But very little about the case makes any logical sense. McStray, a volatile genius with a talent for irritating those around him, certainly has no problem getting himself in trouble. Are his current worries the result of a sudden mental break, or a result of the inventor making some powerful enemies?

A strange fate has always directed McStray, though usually that has been to his benefit. McStray’s timing was perfect when he set up McStray Security, a company that provided system security just as the webs were expanding to everyday users. McStray sold his company in the middle of the Webs Boom. Because of the remarkable timing he made millions of dollars on his stock options. And that investment helped his fortunes expand exponentially. He successfully dabbled in new software development, real estate, and stock speculation. For much of his professional life, McStray seemed to have an uncanny knack of knowing when to get into and out of an investment.

But McStray has never mastered the art of being a nice guy. When he bought half of the land on the small Kroy outpost satellite Kalimolo, he claimed it was for homes for his family. However, when he started selling off smaller sections of the station to developers – at roughly the same price per piece as he did for the whole parcel – his neighbors on the system went into an uproar. And McStray did not change his neighborly ways when he moved to the system of Lizbe, a southern station with a rich and sometimes oppressive history. And he made no friends with the local police. For years McStray’s compound was regularly raided by authorities on trumped up charges that never materialized. This was partially due to McStray not playing politics with the local officials. In the Lizbe legal system it is customary for rich expats to pay the local police protection money. McStray made a point to not pay these fees. Instead he bulked up the security surrounding his million krohl compound with hired security.

However, the compound was a problem in and of itself. Rigged with miles of barbed wire, it gave McStray the appearance of a cranky old man on steroids. And the compound distanced McStray from the aid of his equally wealthy expat neighbors. Neighbors like Grigor Laul.

There is much speculation as to what the tipping point in the men’s relationship was. Laul may not have inspired homicidal rage in McStray; But at the time of the shooting, the two men were certainly not friends. Never the quiet type, McStray had ramped up his antics since arriving in Lizbe. McStray even acquired a 17 year old girlfriend, despite his apparent outrage at the network of prostitution that allowed such relationships. This recklessness sparked rumors that McStray using extremely potent recreational drugs, and using local Lizbe neighbors in prostitution rings.

While several of these charges are considered overblown by the intergalactic media, it did not mean he was easy to live with. Grigor Laul had had such a bad experience that he had filed a civil suit against the millionaire. The suit stated that McStray had fired lasers into the atmosphere – and illegal act in Lizbe – and had exhibited several types of ‘roguish behavior’. McStray found out about the civil suit and the two neighbors had a loud, public shouting match that was seen by several witnesses. Five days later, Laul was found dead in his hydroponic garden, his skull punctured with a laser blast.

If McStray is innocent, then there are two great forces stopping him from clearing his name. The first is the Lizbe security forces. The Lizbe guard are known for corruption and using the system to fuel personal vendettas. McStray has fought their attempts, and has made no secret of his disdain for their methods. The Lizbe guard has dropped all pretense of finding other suspects and has focused specifically on McStray himself. McStray believes that this focus on him is an indicator that he will be dead within a year.

Not that McStray has done anything to discourage his image as a guilty man. Donning disguises and breaking back into his own compound for supplies, McStray has stayed on the planet where his compound was built. Most wealthy galactic citizens under intense scrutiny by corrupt forces would be trying to seek sanctuary at an embassy, or trying to find good legal counsel. McStray has not. He has started a blog that shows his vicious delight in evading the Lizbe authorities. And while McStray has offered thousands of krohl to the person who can find the real killer of his neighbor, none of his posts show that he has made an effort himself.

This blog has became a focus for wackers, rather than the beacon of truth that McStray was clearly hoping to create. Wackers have always targeted McStray’s personal account, looking to make a name for themselves. Now that McStray’s blog is his only link to the outside world, wackers have attacked it in their attempt to make a bad situation worse.

McStray has declared that he is innocent, and continues to try and promote his side of the case. However, his odd nature and constant drive for experimentation will make him appear to be guilty in the eyes of those in Lizbe. McStray is a worthy opponent to the systemic police corruption in Lizbe, but his actions are not doing anything to prove his innocence.


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