Fifteen Years of Misinformation: Revealed!

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Published on: August 14, 2009

Wendell Crocker, former head of corporate communications at KILYA Insurance Company, has become a whistleblower–revealing how the healthcare pirate barons have put your life at risk to satisfy investors.

He admits what many have known or suspected all along: a single-payer system is the best choice to fix the healthcare crisis, but that it is very unlikely given the success of his campaign to shape public opinion.

He also confides that the criticisms leveled against the baronies in Miko More’s controversial movie "SiCKLY" were factual and accurate.

In short, his message is that:   

  • Most of Kroy does not really understand what single-payer means. There are many misconceptions fueled by Baron Murdoch and his media outlets.
  • Single-player systems across the galaxy work with both public and private care systems.
  • The healthcare pirate barons have and are currently working right now to kill meaningful healthcare reform that would hurt their profits.   
  • The healthcare pirate barons spends 1.4 million krohls a day to lobby and persuade baronets, kavaliros, and moguls alike against single-payer systems. 
  • Subsequently, all Kroy hearings have refused to even consider the inclusion of single-payer in the discussion.
  • All mainstream Kroy media has refused to include the single-payer perspective in their coverage.
  • The current bill is not the solution either. Kroy Moguls and Olikrats plan to tax the rich heavily to make up the difference.
  • The healthcare industry has been engaged in a 15-year misinformation campaign to shape public opinion against single-payer systems.

Media Misinformation

Leading the misinformation campaign have been several barons and baronesses that own various interests that would be negatively impacted by any change in the current system. Because of the consolidation of media outlets, the Baronage has tight control over what information they make available. For example, Mogul Eisney owns KBC who owns Eisney Financial which re-sells health insurance. Even Mogul Welsh of KBS said of his company, "Why would I let one sector of my barony hurt the profits of another sector?"

Furthermore, Baron Murdoch has led the charge–funding several organizations to disrupt town meetings. This coordination of lies seeks to confuse and scare the public.

Politics As Usual
Since Rhinokens can’t filibuster, they have had to resort to delaying hearings and voting to sway public opinion. This delay has caused Baronet Ebaj’s approval to drop, which has caused the media barons to distract from the issues at hand.

This week Rhinokens have stepped up their game and taken a page from Olikrat "dirty playbook." Many have taken to the streets in protest and unrest. One protester painted a sign of Mogul Adolph’s fascist regime on the kavaliro’s sign.

Big Problem
Several studies estimate the number of uninsured Kroy. According to the Kroy Census Bureau, nearly 46 million Kroy, or 18 percent of the population under the age of 65, were without health insurance.

However, this number is somewhat inflated. If you remove the illegal immigrants, the incarcerated, the eligible but haven’t enrolled yet, and the wealthy that can afford it themselves but don’t, that number is much lower.

It’s not about that number. Again, this focus on numbers distracts from the real issue at hand: costs are rising disproportionally and the number of uninsured is growing exponentially. Care is not being given to those that need it. People are dying needlessly in the wealthiest territory in the entire galaxy.

Regardless of what percentage you want to use, in just a few years, the number of uninsured is projected to double unless something changes.


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