Films Forced Away

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Published on: September 1, 2006

Kroy filmmakers have had a tough year showing their films in foreign territories in recent months,

“The Leovinci Codex,” had been blocked by censors in the Ynde Territories before court orders freed the movie to be shown. Many regions of the Asadian Territories have also blocked the film, though none of those bans have been dropped.

The plot of the “Leovinci Codex,” is controversial as it challenges the celibate status of one of the Galaxy’s strongest Philosophical figures.

While the film hasn‘t been banned in Bryttasish space, the film has “bombed“ there, compared to ticket sales in Kroy space.

Motas Sale’s new film, “Impossible Complexity 3,” was edited for content before it could be released  to Asadian audiences. Officials ordered some violence to be cut, and demanded that all scenes showing signs of Asadian poverty must be removed.

In Kroy, many studios have been releasing films without allowing film critics the chance to review the films. Most of the films that have been released without review are youth-oriented, and portray either lewd humor, or excessive violence.

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