For Stealthy Tech Moguls, Selling Your Information Has Never Been Easier

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Published on: November 16, 2012

Securing your personal information has become increasingly more difficult given our ever-expanding day-to-day tech.

In the past, security breaches were linked to cautionary tales of personal tragedy. If your information was exposed, a ‘wacker’ – a con artist who uses their skills in secret – you could be ruined. Once your information was compromised, the wacker could not only drain every krohl you owned, but they could sign up for documents in your name and start a whole new life elsewhere in the galaxy. These scams still exist, but, because of improving security, the major issues are few and far between.

The Tech Barons have always had an insatiable appetite for personal information, data tracking, and behavioral trends, but now even the lowliest Moguls can easily gather, report, and sell data on an unprecedented scale.

Now, all a Mogul needs to do is install a line of code on their sociable media site or hub and they’re off. Hubs have always required a bit of personal information to gain access to choice areas, but now companies can take that bit of personal information and tie it with the communications that members have on these sites. This unthinkably large breech of their customer’s privacy allows companies to use their customer’s information as research and a bargaining chip. Companies are already selling ‘bundles’ of personal information to the highest bidder so advertisers can make their ads frighteningly accurate.

Personal information has become a currency, with its own markets and its own demands. And like any other currency, there are Moguls and Baronies looking to control it for their own gain.

But there are finally signs that this wholesale invasion has a serious opponent. The council members have finally created a division to combat and regulate these sales. The Council for Web Transparency (CWT) officially formed this week.

This council has made it their mission to make sure the Baronage is completely transparent when it comes to electronic transmissions. Their first big challenge is to get a fix on how different types of information is grouped. By determining which groups are the most sought after – and whose information is worth the most in an open market – it will be easier to identify which groups are most at risk. But it is too early to determine if this first charge on these industries will be successful. These Moguls have worked for years in secret and have been able to develop highly technical systems to protect themselves. They’ve ensured that people don’t ask too many questions, and have restricted answers to the few that are looking. If the CWT is not careful, their first attempt to tackle this army of Moguls could be their last.

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