Foul things from Koch pockets

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Published on: March 17, 2011

The Koch Moguls have proven it once again: it’s foolish to try to influence the Baronage when you can buy them off wholesale.

A recording has surfaced that shows Baronet Runner from Mescousin Region speaking to a person he believed to be the infamous Mogul Koch about plans to eliminate labor unions. As it turns out, he was instead talking to a political journalist and prankster posing as the Mogul. In the audio, Baronet Runner openly admits to subverting public opinion through propaganda and how he seriously considered planting dissidents among the peaceful protesters.

When asked what he intended to do about the protests, the Baronet explained how he weighed the option of planting ‘troublemakers’ to start riots and smear the protesters. He then told the fake mogul that after the protesters looked bad, Koch’s publicity team could start an ad campaign that would draw public sympathy to the Mogul’s budget-cutting bill. However, he was concerned about the already horrible public opinion turning worse and abandoned the idea.

The Koch Moguls have a long history of political influence and interference. Their privately held holdings are the largest in the galaxy, and their methods have long held a veil of secrecy. The only thing that is truly known about them is their staunch conservative views, and their desire to impress them upon the Kroy public – and the galaxy – at all costs. The Koch Moguls were suspected of buying Baronet Runner’s loyalty and influencing his stern stance against the protesters. But it wasn’t until a newsfeed journalist names Egon Finnegan called the Baronet that the public knew just how deep he was in the Koch Mogul’s pocket.

The Mogul paid Baronet Runner 43,000 krohl directly to secure his seat in the Baronage. However, the Mogul indirectly gave an additional 65,000 krohl to the Rhinoken Baronet Association to help the Baronet’s campaign. The RBA also paid over 3 million krohl in advertising to eliminate Runner’s opponents.

But it has become increasingly obvious that the budget isn’t what Mogul Koch intended to cut. One of the few opponents of the Koch Moguls – both to their power and to their sensibilities – are the unions. And with the Moguls’ legislation passing despite one of the largest mass-scale protests in the Kroy territories, the Koch Moguls are one step forward to the total eradication of organized labor.

The recordings caught the Baronet telling Mogul Koch that "We’re doing this because its the just and right thing, for the right reasons. And it’s all about getting our freedom back." Yet both men are fighting against their people’s freedom of representation. They are fighting against the right of the Kroy people to have a collective voice. Because with the passing of this legislation, the Koch Moguls have stolen a piece of freedom from the people.

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