From Gold to Krohl

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Published on: November 19, 2010

The idea that gold is more valuable now than it was during the 9th Dynasty is more marketing strategy than unbiased facts. Reputable financial experts and investigative reporters have proven that with adjustments for inflation gold’s prices haven’t changed all that drastically since their last major spike during the early part of the 9th Dynasty. And, in fact, its one of the few currencies that has stayed consistent.

So what caused the galaxy to switch entirely over to the Krohl system?

Gold is a precious metal that has held its value since the dawn of human civilization. After the Earth Exodus, wealth had to be real and tangible, and gold reclaimed its dominance as a precious commodity. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 5th Dynasty that paper – Notices from the Bank at Krohl Station – was used as currency once more.

After going through two Galactic Wars, people became interested in having funds that they could easily carry around with them. Even so, people liked a mix of currencies and used both paper and gold for purchases in the Kroy up until the end of the 8th Dynasty.

Then, the controversial Mogul Jirk Dixon implemented a 90-day plan to eliminate gold from the economy of Kroy. At the time, it seemed to be the best course of action. Many of Kroy’s financial troubles at that time stemmed from a reliance on galactic financial engines. So that when one engine failed, money began to be devalued as a whole, no matter if the planet, station, or system was anywhere near the point of the collapse.

Ironically enough Mogul Dixon nearly caused a economic collapse when he began this plan without consulting intergalactic financial powers. If Dixon hadn’t seen reason and decided to make the transfer to paper in stages, removing Kroy’s wealth from the system abruptly could have caused a complete financial collapse. The steps prevented major catastrophe, but the maneuver was still called Dix’s Shock because of how quickly the mogul intended to move.

From that point forward Dixon’s no-gold economy became Kroy’s standard.


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