Green Empowerment

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Published on: October 7, 2010

Solar fins–once considered an environmentally-conscious luxury–may turn out to be a much-needed necessity for sectors in need of increased energy. In fact, Planet Hope just announced plans from Baronet Ebaj to reinstall solar fins to power the Blanko House.


Constructed of large solar panels, solar fins have been heralded as the future of energy collection. The fins create a private ‘utilities grid’ by sending down power to the planet or station they orbit. These grids run all the basic devices that cannot be run on the sector-wide systems for basic life support.


But despite the vast wealth in Kroy, having your own fin system is the exception rather than the rule.


In the Kroy systems there are many barons and baronesses battling and undercutting each other to provide utility grids to their inhabitants. But unlike the baronial utility grids available to the Kroy, fin systems require maintenance and expert knowledge to use the power collected. And while there are more and more innovations to make Fin Systems more feasible for Kroy property owners, the assumption that the choice to use a fin will come with extra work still remains.


But the same reasons that discourage wide spread use in the Kroy has actually made the fin system ideal for the under-developed sectors.


On Bhurkadsh station, the access to basic power equipment is shaky at best. At least 60% of the population, some 85 million people, have no other power access than basic life support systems. And the 40% of the station that does have regular access to the station’s utilities grid have disrupted services due to everything from weather conditions to worker error.


But that was before the Bright Blue Utilities Group devoted itself to changing those statistics.


A non-profit group devoted to improving the lives of the Ynde poor, Bright Blue Utilities has made it their mission to adapt solar fin technology so that can be used by anyone. Using the resources available they’ve created a ‘Home Fin System’ for the Bhurkadsh station sectors. And each fin system that has gone up is being used by 10 or more people at any given time.


Adapting these fin systems have given people without utility grids the chance at a more modern life… and they’ve started to show the Kroy the good that ‘luxuries’ can do.

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