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Published on: November 26, 2006

–Perpetuity Station

Historians studying the demise of Earth recently excavated archaic recording devices retrieved from the section of Earth once known as Brittan.

The information, stored on an old computer network, was restored after nearly a decade of hard time working to reverse engineer the technology so that the data could be transcribed to modern equipment.

The first file they accessed was dated 11/02/06, and tells several stories relevant to our times–mostly, telling the story of Earth’s demise.

It appears that the Earth of the late part of 2006 was rife with war, political turmoil, and environmental disaster. One story, quite optimistic considering our history, revealed that the marine life in Earth’s oceans would be totally decimated in less than fifty years, while another article had been written to poll readers concerning what price they were willing to pay to save Earth.

“This information is priceless,” stated Inuel McRoka, the lead scientist at Termalaine University. “It tells us not only where we came from, but how we got here. It also tells us where we are going, not only as a populace, but as a society and a culture. While we may be living in quite a different environment, we appear to be very much the same as our ancestors.

News of that day told of a battle waged in a desert region of Earth–known as the Middle-East–by the government of Israel against a religious group known as Hamas, which appears to be very similar to the battle waged by the present day people of the Gieish and Saliman heritages.

The one-time actor, then governor of California (a small, overpopulated region in North America) ran under the flag of environmentalism, much like the current Mogul of Schwartzen Home, while civilians on the continent of Africa once again began hunting a large animal known as a rhinoceros to earn money and feed their families.

“All this is very exciting, and I think that we will learn even more about the day-to-day activities of our ancestors each time we are able to save another archival file. Unfortunately, such work is very straining on those who are translating and reading this data, as it is like watching a shuttle wreck from the inside of a TerraBase. You may be sad, and you might wish to help those in need, but there is a barrier that keeps you from being able to get to the victims. Our barrier is time.”

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