Implosion Kills Hundreds, Traps Thousands

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Published on: May 1, 2013

— Bahleshi Station 7, Ynde Space. A run-down station sits on the border of Ynde and Asadian space, far from the minds of most of the civilized galaxy.

While few people think of Bahleshi Station 7 in their daily lives, its people have long been part of the galactic story, and have impacted the rest of the Elite worlds and stations with their resources, cheap textiles and garments.

It was this week, however, that Bahleshi Station and it’s manufacturing was thrust into the spotlight.

A manufacturing node on the station imploded and killed nearly 400 people, while trapping an unknown number inside the rubble. Estimates place 600 still inside the imploded station node, while 2,400 have already been saved.

There have already been six arrests linked to the implosion. Two facility engineers had signed off on the nodes structural stability the day prior to the implosion. Three factory managers and the owner of the node are being held while officials investigate what caused the implosion, and whether or not there was any complicity.

While many on Bahleshi Station still live in impoverished conditions, manufacturing nodes such as the one effected by the implosion have led to the investment firm, Gilded-Saux, to place Bahleshi on the Invest Eleven list.
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