In race for next coronation, contenders dropping like flies…

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Published on: July 3, 2009

With images of last year’s baronet coronation still fresh in the media, Olikrats and Rhinokens are gearing up for the next race. Baronet Ebaj’s political machine is putting the full court press on voters, cranking out one “hope for change” after another. Bolstered by Al Funken’s recent win in Minnehaha, the Olikrats are using their power advantage to push this tsunami of bills through the legislature. At the same time, they’re discrediting potential Moguls, who are dropping like flies.

The toughest potential Olikratic challengers were brought into Baronet Ebaj’s Cabinet early on in his term, or exposed as tax cheats, sending them into a political black hole. More recently, the Olikratic machine has been busy revealing inappropriate relationships between Rhinoken “rising stars” and women who are not their wives, this despite the fact that a large piece of the party’s platform has been built on a strong belief in the sanctity of marriage.

John Bedwards was caught in the middle of the night trying to slip out of a hotel room, where his alleged mistress and their love child were staying, and is all but washed up in politics. John Engine, Rhinoken Kavaliro de Carbon Station, admitted last month to a secret affair with a campaign worker, and subsequently stepped down from office.

Just last week, Mark Sandbagged, Kavaliro de Vokunvus, also identified as a Rhinoken star, went briefly AWOL from his command post for a tryst with his “soul mate” from Planet Argon. Following lies and an effort to cover up his misdeeds, Sandbagged is being strongly urged to resign.

All eyes are now straining to see which potential adversary might be taken down next. Whether the Rhinokens can actually produce a formidable contender is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, we’ll all be entertained by this ongoing parade of “crash test dummies.”

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