It’s a Wonderful Galaxy: Health Sale. 25% Off.

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Published on: August 6, 2010

Thanks to CARe, getting medicine to the poor in the Kroy Territory is about to change.Unless you’ve been willing to relocate to the upper-most regions of Kroy, getting affordable medicine is becoming difficult or impossible throughout the baronies.

While the great recession is making the cost of simple living go up, the discussion of health care has turned even the simplest talk about coverage into a bloodbath. And because of constant fluctuations of coverage and rising prices in insurance companies’ plans, some life-saving medications are becoming increasingly expensive.Enter CARe, or the Central Assembly of Regions – a group of baronial Kavaliros whose primary focus is to help the regions of Kroy.

CARe regulates how each of the smaller sectors of Kroy run the laws that most directly impact their citizens. And because CARe deals with the real issues of the people it serves – one of the up coming seminars deals with rural planet speedway construction – it focuses on creating real solutions from the ground up.

When it came to the health care debate, CARe was one of the major political institutions to recognize that all the squabbling on Planet Hope was delaying help to the people who really needed it… without creating a viable alternative solution.Their solution to the health care debate: the CARe Prescription Card.

CARe formed a partnership with Caretek, a major prescription drug company, to buy bulk quantities of prescription medicine. Using these bulk quantities, CARe was able to leverage considerable buying power and pass on the savings. In doing so, CARe has created a unique and astonishing resource for the people of Kroy: a universal discount prescription card.

Anyone who lives in one of the Kroy regions can get one of these cards. Since the card is offered through a political entity and not an insurance company, there is no cap on age or condition. There is no price haggling over past illnesses or criteria to follow to get the best results. The benefits of the card, and the membership to get it, are open to all Kroy citizens.

The card gives a discount of up to 25% off prescriptions. Any medications. Period.And the card is no simple coupon. It keeps track of the medication being bought, and alerts a pharmacist if a potential drug interaction may occur. Membership in the program is totally free.

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