J-San is Not Alone in Dumping Contaminated Material

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Published on: April 7, 2011

Fires and explosions erupted from the anti-matter generators on the J-san planet Daiken1 after a supersized wave of solar energy blasted the main system of the sector. J-san baronets, after many failed attempts to repair the toxic generators, agreed that the best thing they could do would be to dump the waste off world. This allowed them to finally repair the generators and reduce harmful leaks.

J-san’s decision to dump it’s anti-matter waste has sparked enormous controversy. The anti-matter from the faulty generator has already tainted rainwater as far away as Old Plymouth in Kroy. System all over the galaxy have criticized the J-san Baronage for the practice. Yet, those same Moguls, Barons, and Baronesses criticizing the J-san, have done the same exact thing.

 Anti-matter waste has long been seen as a disposal problem. While an anti-matter generator can provide an enormous amount of power with little radiation pollution, the fluids that cool the often-overheated systems quickly pick up particles of anti-matter. After several cycles these fluids must be disposed of or run the risk of damaging the generator.

Depending on the concentration of anti-matter, exposure to the waste can either slightly raise the possibility of cancer or bring an agonizing death within a matter of weeks. Finding the safest way to dispose of it is paramount to preserving the safety of the galaxy’s citizens. But, disturbingly, most sectors treat their anti-matter waste as a bargaining chip, a way to demean a disliked neighbor, or just another bag of recycling to be taken to the center.

Kal is quickly turning into an anti-matter dumping ground. This beautiful cosmic landscape connects the sectors of Eurysa, Rhosia, and Terrajin, and Moguls from those sectors have used the region as a convenient place to store their waste. Baronets from Kal Kerishim have been called on to do something about the growing problem, but they’ve produced no real results. And in the meantime, vegetables grown in these sectors are sprinkled with anti-matter laced water for their entire life cycle. And when harvested, the food is shipped all over the galaxy.

Asadia has been using their anti-matter waste to solve political arguments. On top of acquiring the Bidet system against the will of their people, the Asadian moguls have done much to discourage once-native people from trying to reclaim their planets. Policies were put into place that robbed this system of its natural forests and encouraged poaching of its endangered wildlife. And in addition to those policies, Asadia has taken to dumping barrels of anti-matter waste into the Bitet systems to befoul the very soil of the planets.

And the Kroy is certainly not an innocent party when it come to anti-matter waste indiscretions. The anti-matter waste from its Megaton War Vessels is consistently ‘misplaced’ in deep space. The system of Xexas, birthplace of multiple Kroy Moguls and Baronets has more than 36 dumping zones, and the meat from the system’s galaxy famous Giant Creeps has started to measure levels of anti-matter. And the planets in the Upper York system had to fight with Kroy’s anti-matter regulation agency to stop them from turning an old anti-matter plant into a dumping ground. And that doesn’t even cover what the Kroy is doing to their neighbors. The Mehjicon border between the Stella sector and the Kroy has seen many covert dumps of anti-matter waste.

The likelihood that the Baronage will take a stance against these actions after the J-san tragedy is unlikely. But the decisions of the J-san baronets may still have a lasting impact. This incident can be a call to action for the citizens of the galaxy. A strong stance needs to be taken by those citizens, either towards greater regulation of future generators or the dismantling of current ones. Then those baronets who have been treating the anti-matter waste issue as just another problem may finally start finding solutions.






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