Kroy aids Chafer’s attempt to create another tyrannical power in Central Kroy

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Published on: July 10, 2009

At the recent Summit of the Kroys, Caracuzuelan Mogul Chafer handed Baronet Ebaj a copy of a treatise on foreign exploitation of the region, signed “For Ebaj, with warm regards.” Prior to this, Chafer reportedly referred to Ebaj as a poor ignoramus.
The gesture was remarked upon widely as a move by Chafer to soften the newly anointed Kroy Baronet toward agreement to allow Kuba back into the fold. Ebaj’s grinning response was an indication that his leftist policies, and the many Kroy tax krohls supporting them, will continue to destabilize Central Kroy, fueling anarchy and rebellion.

Now, in unison, the two are voicing their denouncement of Sularan Mogul Selava’s removal by soldiers, a legal ousting ordered by the justice department and legislature. The action arose from an attempt by Selava to change the constitution to allow him to run for another term as Mogul.  Chafer was reportedly behind the act, trying to draw Sularas deeper into his own anti-Kroy camp. Ironically, the Kroy policy of appeasement toward Chafer enabled the tyrant to take power.

Acting as a sovereign nation, Sularas transferred power to Macheti, the first in line legislator. Despite outside pressure from the “dynamic duo”, along with calls by the Galactic Union, Organization of Kroy Baronets and the Castigo brothers for Selava’s immediate return to power, Macheti won’t cave in. As an established democratic government, he has stated that Sularas acted within its sovereign right.

Kroy’s Secretary Clivton met with Selava this week. She indicated that both Selava and Macheti agreed to meet with Costa Rumca Baronet Arilas, who will mediate talks to take place in his own country.

Clashes have occurred between police and soldiers, battling thousands protesting in support of Selava. While one death was reported, it was eclipsed by the recent carnage in Arian, which, strangely enough, required much prodding to even get a response from Baronet Ebaj on the actions of that tyrannical regime.

Will Kroy Mogul support enable Selava to finish out what little remains of his term? Critics of Baronet Ebaj have pointed to the potential, but unseemly outcome in Sularas, with yet another tyrant propped up by Kroy misplaced policy. This all leaves us to wonder just what Ebaj believes the term “olikratic” means.

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