Kroy Expands as the Galaxy Shrinks

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Published on: November 26, 2006

Mogul Shrubb visited Bioficks Station today as part of his tour through Ynde controlled sectors of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Mogul Shrubb’s first action of the day was the presentation of an energy pact between Hope and Bioficks Station. While many in the Kroy Baronage see the signing of the bill as a good thing for business growth, some voiced their dissent and frustration with Mogul Shrub for allowing the pact, as Bioficks Station has never joined the Doomsday Non-proliferation Council.  
When asked, a senior politician from Hope stated, “There has never been precedence like this before. Hope and the Kroy sectors of space have never backed down from a political stalemate, and the repercussions of this pact could be tremendous. Imagine if Mogul Ill Gy of Kois Station was given the opportunity to sign such a pact without abandoning his Doomsday Weapon program—it could breed more Doomsday Weapon programs on worlds across the galaxy. Fears of economic, technological, and political repercussions have always been our key weapons. As I see it, the only difference between Kois Station and the Ynde sectors of space involve assets, investments, and an available a workforce. The statement we just made cast a very poor light on our values and resolve.”

Mogul Shrubb followed the signing of the energy pact with a speech that highlighted the growing bond between Ynde space and Kroy space. He commented on adoption of Kroy Culture across Ynde Space, and then joked about having already seen three Grub Hut restaurants during his short stay on Bioficks Station.

The mogul also spoke of strengthening ties to combat terrorism against Kroy space and its investments in other sectors of the galaxy.

Indeed, much of life on Bioficks station and across Ynde space appears to be mimicking life in the Kroy baronies. Shopping malls, theaters, and cars have become part of the Ynde youth experience. They now have their own Yndewood stars to idolize, and many of the young in Ynde space are attending schools of higher education—a first for many families.

Raja Nakta explained what he’s seen of the new Ynde while outside of one of the many cafés that have opened recently. “I lived on Evergreen in Kroy space working in the technology industry for eight years. When I was given the change to return home to work, I was elated. Then I was dismayed… a strange sense of homesickness followed me… while I am now back in Ynde, I miss it still. It Kroy that I see when I step out of my house, and it is Kroy where I live. Kroy has followed me home.”

Many companies from Kroy space have brought their business over to Ynde space, citing cheap labor and plentiful land to expand their business facilities. Baron Gates’ company, TinySoft, recently announced a plan to spend 1.7 billion credits to build a research facility on Bioficks Station. The GenLec energy company has already built their facility, and the technology company Kicso Systems has also announced that it will build a 1.2 billion credit facility on an as-of-yet unnamed planet/space station. It will be their single largest investment outside of Kroy Space.

In a related story, the Septet Military Center on Hope chose today to announce a deal to sell advanced Lexington and Stantis class shuttles to the various Baronage of Ynde space as part of an expanding military partnership.

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