Lighting the Skyreed

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Published on: March 11, 2011

When Baronial Officers took away a poor fruit vendor’s only means of supporting his family, he lit himself on fire in protest. That one act led others to immolate themselves and spark the flame of the Skyreed Revolution across the Kemet systems and Kal.

The revolution began in Toonis – a small station in Terrajin space. The impoverished station lived under a cruel warlord for many generations, but when an ordinary man committed a public suicide, the opinion of the people changed. Since the 8th Dynasty many in Toonis felt trapped and unable to speak out against the abuses of the warlord, the police, and the military Baronial Officers. The young fruit seller felt so desperate that his only option was to enter the police hangar and ignite the oxygen rich environment of his escape pod. His slow, painful, smoldering death inspired the Toonisites to rise up and take control of their station.

Many other systems in Terrajin and Kal took note.  Days later, other copy-cat protesters made similar public displays of discontent with the Moguls, warlords, and police. In the nearby Kemet system, the people realized the opportunity to change things was at hand. Kemet like Toonis was run by a powerful warlord named Mogul Mubarak. The Mogul’s Baronial Officers abused their power, took open bribes, dealt drugs to children, imposed an early curfew, and killed any dissidents without prejudice. The people lived in constant fear until a call resounded for a mass protest on the Kemet Police Day.

Over the first two days protests to defeat poverty, unemployment and government corruption were shouted in the streets of He-Op Station. Kemet’s notables from world leaders to the Saliman Brotherhood began backing the revolution. But before the third day came, Mogul Mubarak seemed to have enough. Hitting Kemet’s young, tech-savvy population where it hurt, they shut down access to the ‘net. But the tyrannical retraction of the public’s right to electronically assemble inspired even the timid and apathetic to protest in the streets.

Mogul Mubarak  tried every trick in the book to regain power. He promised reform, re-elected himself, and swore he’d impose term limits only to go back on their promises. But even as the people’s leaders were jailed, and labor strikes tore the planet in two, the people of Kemet refused to be swayed.

Eighteen days later, Kemet had liberated itself. When  Mogul Mubarak  finally announced that he would resign, the celebrations of the Kemet people in the streets of He-Op Station were seen around the galaxy. The door is now open in Kemet to forge a new and open world. And just like the Toonis uprising, the Kemet’s victory has provided revolutionary inspiration. Iron-fisted dictators are not unusual in the Galactic Core. But after the Skyreed Revolution, people across the galaxy now have the hope, courage, and resolve to stand up against the unjust.

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