LookiLeaks Under Siege

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Published on: November 4, 2010

Aien Jewels has blown the whistle on Baronage ghouls big and small through his site ‘LookiLeaks.’ But as he and his news organization are now regularly attacked by the forces they are trying to expose, many are asking themselves why Kroy is going to these lengths and what they have to hide.

It takes a strong man to go up against the Standing Kroy Army, and Jewels has proven himself quite hearty. He created LookiLeaks three years ago, as a way of declassifying important information and anonymously sending journalists information they might not be able to access otherwise. Earlier this year, Lookileaks was at the center of its first massive news story. The website was able to get access to unclassified footage of an incident of graphic violence against reporters. A group of soldiers tracked a car full of reporters from the air, then, claiming their cameras were weapons, got permission from the base to open fire and kill them. There had been rumors of these incidents for some time, but the footage was the first solid evidence what actually happened.

But there was something even more disturbing about the video than the graphic bloodshed. Traditional journalists had been asking Kroy military for years to release information about these attacks on civilians, but their requests had been denied by the military in spite of the information being legally covered under the ‘Information as Freedom’ Act. The ability of LookiLeaks to get the footage was held up as an example of how the press would have to learn to adapt to get the story.

Unsurprisingly, after the information was leaked, Kroy Baronage decided to stop any more unpleasant evidence from reaching the public. The site was bombarded by communications from Kroy High Command or KHC to destroy all leaked and unleaked documentation. And when LookiLeaks failed to comply, electronic correspondence LookiLeaks had with the outside world abruptly started to go awry.

Jewel’s requests for aid to the Euryasian sector of Suew have been denied without any explanation. Their Krohl Processing Company mysteriously deleted their account and all the funding that it had accrued. LookiLeaks employees have been put on Blacklists in Kroy and Auster sectors. Even Jewel’s home planet in the ColdSpace sector has been under heavy pressure to  offer him no haven or protection from outside forces.

The attack on LookiLeaks and Jewel’s supporters have come from all sides. But in spite of all this Jewel has not backed down. And a week ago LookiLeaks released the largest block of unreleased, classified information about the war to date. Information that shows every bomb dropped, every civilian arrest made, every decision made from the top. If there is something to cover up, it’s just a matter of time before it is tracked down.

But in spite of Jewel’s sacrifices, he and his site are still very much under siege. And at this point it is unknown if he can weather the enormous storm currently trying to beat down his door. But if he continues to display the same vivacity he has in the past, he may still be around when whatever Kroy is trying to protect is finally uncovered.

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