Lost in the time of Cholera

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Published on: November 26, 2010

When disaster struck the Taihian people earlier this year, the galaxy quickly reached out to help. However, as desperate problems mount, Taihi has begun to wonder if the galaxy has forgotten about them.

Taihi had had it’s share of disasters before asteroids struck several stations and planets. The financially exhausted system had been plagued by drought and inconsistent leadership for decades. The asteroid simply decimated what progress the country had made. In the asteroid’s wake, some of the greatest structures and symbols of the Citadel Au Kavaliro station lay in ruins. The majority of the population was homeless and living in shelters. But with aid from outside systems throughout the galaxy, Taihi got the bare bones basics it needed. Emergency rescues were made, discovering hundreds of people still alive in the rubble who would have otherwise been left for dead. Basic shelters were constructed, providing station dwellers relief from their malfunctioning heat system, and basic food and water was distributed.

But as galactic interest turned elsewhere, aid slowly stopped and those who had come to provide support returned home. But this did not mean the Taihian people weren’t  still in dire need of assistance. The Taihian people, on station and off, still needed outside assistance and were greatly  disappointed that the wealthy stations and systems who could provide help had decided not to.

And then, like so much in Taihi’s history, things got worse.

With open space in the station at a minimum, sanitation – especially in the temporary shelters that were still being used – was tricky at best. Because of that, the station soon suffered from an outbreak of cholera. The galaxy had not seen a major outbreak of the disease since the invention of the SaniSwitch in the 6th dynasty. The last freak outbreak had happened several decades earlier due to a prolonged power failure to an obscure station in the Stella sector. But the basics of Citadel Au Kavaliro station life had been irreparably damaged, and many of the hygiene safeguards had not been operational.

Those who did fall sick soon found that traveling from place to place in the station had become tricky. Growing unrest that was centered around a lack of solutions from officials meant areas of the Citadel Au Kavaliro station could be dangerous to enter. And two weeks away from appointment of a new Baronet, the people of Taihi began to riot. The portal to the station was blocked by burning debris, and protestors who organized demonstrations quickly turned violent. The Assembly sent peacekeeping forces, who were fought at every turn by members of the disappointed and frantic populace.

As of today, the schools and the banks in the Citadel Au Kavaliro station are closed, and the sick and injured – almost  15,000 people at last count – were making their way to the station’s hospitals in desperate hope for basic care.

Officials, in spite of all of the system’s other problems, are more concerned about the cholera, which has gone from an outbreak to an epidemic. The controls of the station’s SaniSwitches have been malfunctioning with the rest of the life support systems, and particles have been easily entering the larger processed water tanks. Keeping the disease out of the water processing systems has taken their compromised attentions. the satellite where it could linger for years.

Could the larger stations and systems of the universe have prevented this tragedy by staying longer to help the Taihians out? While the systems’ withdrawal can be understandable, the speed in which the larger galactic powers forgot about Taihi’s need in their rush to move on to the next story was unconscionable. Especially considering how some continued aid could have helped or reduced all the problems Taihi is facing now.

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