Mad Marv caught on Tape

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Published on: July 29, 2010

Recordings of Lelm Glibsun were released later this week by his estranged wife Anja Lucianov who is currently in the middle of divorcing the megastar. Nasty tactics in the midst of a divorce are nothing new. And with bad divorces in the western Kroy arm, it’s almost par for the course. But the visceral recordings have had a serious impact on how the fans and the industry see the troubled star.

Lucianov recorded Glibsun during a tense negotiation over what financial support Lucianov would receive after the divorce was finalized. During the recorded talk, Glibsun ranted and raved at his wife in racist, sexist, and generally degrading language. Among other things, Glibsun stated Lucianov will be raped by a group of Terra-Kroy men for her perceived crimes against him, and that he is willing to travel to the house they shared together for the express purpose of burning it down. He also claimed that her bad behavior drove him to drink and smoke in excess… something that the star was doing well before he met Lucianov.

Five years ago, when his conveyance was pulled over by police on the Kroy planet Muliba, Glibsun was found to be severely intoxicated and was arrested for driving under the influence. As the officers did the tests to prove Glibsun was intoxicated enough to be held, Glibsun began swearing at both of the officers. He called the female officer a derogatory name and expounded in length to the Geish officer that he belonged to a people who were ‘responsible for all the wars in the galaxy.’ Glibsun made multiple apologies to Geish leaders, stating that the outburst was caused by his alcoholism. The same reason he gave for the recorded rants this year.

Glibsun has built a career on the frantic energy he showed during these secret recordings. He first rose to fame playing a warrior on a post-apocalyptic universe in the movies The Mad Marv Series and ‘Mad Marv Beyond the Lightning Sphere’. He then solidified his reputation playing a crazy cop with a laid back partner in the Deadly Device Series. After becoming a bankable commodity, he began making epics like ‘Bravesoul’ about a patriotic Baronet in Brytas during one of the many struggles when the sector was solidifying under a single power structure.

But that same frantic energy has also put Glibsun in the center of controversy. His wildly controversial Passion of the Haelsen was a modern interpretation of the old play of the life of the founder of the Haelan philosophy. Haelan literature states that the founder was betrayed by one of his followers and that Gieish lawmakers sentenced him to death to placate the roman seats of power. But critics accused him of turning the Gieish characters into stereotypes, who are gleeful at the death of the Haelan founder.

Outside of his movies, Glibsun has also taken drastic views on politics, scientific use of stern cells, and the actions of Mogul Shrubb.

Glibsun married the Rhosian Lucianov 6 months after finalizing the divorce from his wife of 29 years. But the couple’s marriage lasted just 6 months before Lucianov was filing for a restraining order. Lucianov fears for her safety since Glibsun has allegedly hit her twice and knocked out two of her teeth. With the nature of the content of the tapes, it’s easy for the public to see why. Especially when Glibsun has been caught on tape saying things like, "I don’t care if you were the one who found her! I don’t care if you were the one who hired her! She’s paid with my money! I pay you with my money! I own you both, I’ll decide what you should do!"

Despite the nasty language and nastier accusation following the tapes themselves, Glibsun is not hiding from the controversy. The star has told reporters that he will not be traveling back to his home planet in the Auster system. He’ll be staying in the Kroy sector to work on an movie and is focusing on his other projects. And although the star has been dropped from his long-time agents at the Bill Garfield Legacy, reps and long-time supporters of the star have not been distancing themselves from him.

It seems that the elite of Kroy entertainment, while disgusted with the new info, are still willing to give Glibsun a chance. Time will tell if this latest outburst will be a truely damaging moment in Glibsun’s career or just another speed bump.

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