Man Almost Ate The Words of Another

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Published on: November 26, 2006

A “Grub Disk,” or food cell, recently found in Kal Kerishim space has been reported stolen, according to authorities.

The grub disk raised interest throughout Kal Kerishim space after a local man noticed that a pattern on the disk that appeared to spell out one of the Saliman philosophy’s great proverbs–“The mind is the best provider.”

The grub disk was stolen by several people posing as officials from the Saliman Museum. The theft wasn’t realized until the actual curator arrived, presenting his credentials. While the man who found the grub disk was offered over 150 baronial credits (the wage of many months of difficult work), a deal had been brokered to secure and preserve the grub disk as an item of import to the heritage of the Kal Kerishim people.

While the story has been reported outside of the Kal Kerishim territories, many authorities are trying to keep the story a low-profile item, fearing that riots and outrage might ensue.

People had journeyed all across the Kal Kerishim territories to New Momsaba to see the grub disk–many whom believed that the grub disk would provide them with mental clarity and blessings of health.

While it is difficult to decide whether or not the grub disk was a fake, many people have claimed to have found similar food items bearing the images of philosophical leaders.

Strangely, no text examples have ever been found for any of the other philosophical beliefs, and no images have ever been found of the Saliman philosopher, Malhamal.

The Saliman philosophy forbids any from making an image of Malhamal, or any other philosophical person of interest.

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