Millions of Gamers Sit and Wait

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Published on: November 26, 2006

Baron Gates’ X video game entertainment division announced their new killer application today, firing their second shot at Baron Yamauchi and the Asadian entertainment giant, Ynos, in the past 6 months.

Both Baron Yamauchi and Ynos are preparing to release their next generation gaming systems in the next year, while Baron Gates X released his new system late last year.

“Sphere 3,” is expected to be the third consecutive hit for “Springy Studios,” which was purchased by Baron Gates X prior to the launch of his company‘s first endeavor at console gaming. “Sphere 3” is possibly the last installment in a series that was originally planned to be released for play on Orange Computing, one of Baron Gates X most fierce competitors. While this is the third game in the “Sphere,” storyline, the plot of this game may tie it to an older series by “Springy Studios,” “The Long Race,” which also spanned three games, and was one of the first games that allowed gamers to compete against each across the distance of space from the comfort of their own homes.

“Sphere 2” is currently the largest first person shooting simulation,  and nearly every new shooting game is now built to knock “Sphere 2” off the charts. While exact numbers are difficult to pinpoint, old figures place over two million unique players. Over 200,000 people are playing against each other at any given time. While other games types, such as  the ever-growing Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game industry, still holds the record for most users, the influence of Sphere 2 has not been overlooked by the industry.

The game has such an impact that many employers reported truant employees on the launch of “Sphere 2,” and the months following the release of the Gates-Box Circle led to many crazed actions, such as robberies, theft, and system scalping that raised the prices of the system over three times it’s store value.

The game has even managed to lure in a strong female crowd.

Along with the new game, the champion “Sphere” series includes three books–with several to come–an upcoming graphic novel, toys, a plethora of merchandise, and an upcoming film.

The Gates Barony loses 100 baronial credits with the sale of each system in an effort to lower the price to affordability, though they make the money back through game sales.

It is reported that the new Ynos3 game system will cost around 800 BC’s to produce. The consumer price of the system is unknown as of yet.

Baron Yamauchi only recently released pictures of his new system.

Games have, in fact, become so prominent in the lives of the galaxy’s population that treatment centers have started to open up. Several deaths have been linked to fatigue and body stresses. At least three men have died of sepsis, apparently due to an addiction to the games that made them forgo their bodily functions.

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