Mogul Meeting Gives Baronet a Beating

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Published on: November 26, 2006

More chaos surrounding Mogul Shrubb occurred yesterday as he greeted a baronet from Cheng.

Things fell apart rather quickly when a voice from the loudspeaker announced Baronet Uj Hintao as being from Da Jie—a very small sector of Asadian space—instead of being from Cheng, one of the largest territories in the Milky Way Galaxy. The event continued to fall apart as a member of the press from Cheng loudly challenged Mogul Shrubb to “Stop Baronet Uj Hintao’s actions against the Tripoun Drum philosophical sect.”

While political activists have long challenged the suppression of philosophical rights in the Cheng System, the economic clout of Cheng makes it very difficult for outside forces to affect the large barony.

Another breach of protocol occurred shortly after the interruption when Mogul Shrubb grabbed Baronet Uj Hintao’s arm as to pull him close when the visiting baronet stepped aside.

The meeting took place as a forum to discuss political and social issues between Kroy territories and Cheng. Mogul Shrubb’s main goals were to push Cheng and its baronial leaders to help place sanctions on Ira Ayatol and Kois Station, which are viewed as galactic rogues by many leaders in Kroy space.

It appears that Mogul Shrubb’s technique did not exert the finesse needed to convince the visiting leader that he should act in a manner that would benefit Mogul Shrubb’s agendas.

The visiting baronet did appear to enjoy his visit to Evergreen, however. He was seen rubbing elbows with Baron Gates X, and he even donned a “Boling Shuttle Corperation” hat when he visited one of its factories. The baronet promised to purchase more shuttles.

Mogul Shrubb, however, has hit a new low in the approval ratings that track the Baronage and Moguls. Only one in three people approve of Mogul Shrubb’s actions, which have included the starting of two wars, multiple scandals inside of his leadership team, and the promotion of several laws that will suppress the rights of people living inside of Kroy space— which has long been regarded as the most free of places in the Galaxy.  

The largest matter surrounding Mogul Shrubb are the wars in Aphghasia and Rouq’Iy, which many believe started over the Hydrogen3 reserves in and around those areas of Kal Kerishim space.

In a related matter, H3 fuel has hit four baronial credits per unit in some sections of Kroy space.

While some members of society are able to throw away money casually, pawn brokers have reported a massive increase in business.

One man interviewed inside of a pawn dealership sold his grandfathers antique watch for 200 baronial credits, which may not even fill his tank four times before prices drop—if they drop.  

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