More Tears Shed for Little Girl

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Published on: November 26, 2006

A little girl was murdered, never to wake again, and her parents were cursed to continue living, unable to sleep peacefully.

This is an all too common story, and one that effects all but the most depraved. 

The Galaxy first heard the name Do’bet Nan Samsey almost a decade ago, and the name has echoed in news stories and in the personal thoughts of millions since the name first absorbed headlines one dark, cold morning after Haela Gathering Celebrations Day.

A young girl had been murdered and found dead in her house. No signs of forced entry were discovered, and the only piece of solid evidence—a letter demanding the sum of 118,000 Baronial Credits for the return of the girl—couldn’t take the possibility of guilt away from the parents of Do’bet Nan Samsey. 

Dozens of investigators worked on the case. When it was determined that they couldn’t solve the case, others were brought in. Prosecutors even attempted to try the parents of the dead girl, perhaps to end the case in a simple fashion, if they couldn’t end it properly.

Still, the girl would never wake again, and the parents could not sleep.

Reporters periodically returned to the story of a little girl who had won beauty contests and died too young. The people of the Galaxy still wondered in there would ever be rest for the little girl they had come to know through pictures of dancing and singing. They pondered who could kill such a young, talented girl.

Dob, the father of the tragically famous little girl, found his peace today, though he may be more alone now than ever, as his wife, Feilay Samsey, found a form of rest three months ago. Sadly, she never found peace knowing the name and face of her daughter’s killer. She died of cancer.

Today, a man was found hiding in Asadian space. His name is unimportant. It is his crime that will last, and it is his crime that will be remembered for years—if not Dynasties—to come.

This man was arrested for the crime of second degree murder. He proclaimed his guilt, stating, “It was an accident.”

While there are still formalities to be dealt with, and a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, many exhaled a sigh of relief today. Eight-hundred young children were confirmed as murdered in the Kroy Territories the year Do’Bet passed, and many more from that year are still missing.

While there is some possibility that the man charged with the death of Do’Bet Samsey is innocent, and simply seeking some form of attention, he had previously been charged with crimes against children, and it is always a good day when one such as that is taken off the streets of our TerraBases.

Sadly, this is no happy ending. Stories such as this never receive the happy ending that should have come. The only end to this story will come as relief, healing, and a lessened feeling of pain.

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