Olikrats about to secede Kroy parental rights to galactic body…

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Published on: June 26, 2009

Susan Price, Kroy Envoy to The Elite, let the cat out of the bag this week at a school in Bedlam, telling her audience that Kroy officials are engaged in discussions over joining the Elite’s Convention on the Rights of the Child  (CRC).  Price warned that not ratifying this treaty would embarrass Kroy by putting us in the company of Sobadnia, a rogue region and the only other Elite member that refuses to join.

Rhinokens are crying foul, and have been calling on citizens to rebuke this attempt at handing over a portion of Kroy’s sovereignty to The Elite.  They contend that this legislation is anti-family and anti-Kroy.

Olikrats believe the signing of the treaty is long overdue and are willing to turn over key decisions to a foreign body. They see that their support of the treaty will establish basic rights to education, health care, and protection from abuse for children.

Rhinokens point out that the CRC committee, in its attempt to usurp the power of Kroy and other baronies, is following the Olikrat “playbook.”  It is widely believed that Baronet Ebaj’s support for the CRC is solely related to his desire for a seat on the universal governing body once he vacates the Blanko House.

Recently, Rhinokens have started letter writing campaigns and are asking for donations to resist Baronet Ebaj’s new policies.  As an added bonus, they are offering the latest book on child care, entitled “A Good Spanking Prevents Magnanimity.”

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