One Revels while another Rebels.

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Published on: November 26, 2006

Celebrations commenced as usual this year on Neu Parti Ville, despite the loss and tragedy that occurred late last year. While over half the population emigrated after the TerraBase-leveling solar flare destroyed their lives, those who stayed refused to give up the parade of culture that has long defined their home. While the celebration was smaller than any in recent memory, many have spoken out in support of those who chose to stay, and many still pray that closure comes to the families of those who still have no body to put to rest.
Nueb Yol Station attended symbolically, lighting up the entire station in purple, green, and gold—the festivals colors.
Tween Music Idol Brytasny Lancer even made a guest appearance. She spent part of her time taking a group of young girls on a shopping spree.
Many parade attendees dressed in costumes reminiscent of the disaster that befell their planet. Some wore giant sun-shaped suits, while one group dressed as blind men carrying signs declaring them to be, “Solar Shield inspectors”—a reference to the failure of approved TerraBase shielding that led to the destruction of many poor regions on Neu Parti Ville.
All aside, there was joy, bliss, and many-a-drink consumed on Champagne Street.

In other news, humanity has again shown its ugly side in the Kroy controlled sections of Kal Kerishim space. Recent acts of violence appear to hint at a civil war among a people who have yet to find a trace of middle ground. Recent attacks have targeted not only the occupying forces from Kroy, but also the resources they believe have been claimed by their invaders.

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