Philosopher’s Family Fails Financially and Must Sell Papers for Fortune

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Published on: September 2, 2006

The family of Dr. Larin Matan Prince, Jr. announced that they are selling the largest collection of his life works through the Southerlyne auction house. The Prince family and Southerlyne expect the collection to fetch between 15 and 30 million baronial credits.

The family, which runs the Dr. Larin Matan Prince Jr. Foundation, in the Phoenix Circle, has recently suffered financial disaster and managerial in-fighting amongst the family members. The foundation is the site of Dr Larin Matan Prince’s tomb, a museum, and a gift-shop. 

The family has stipulated that the documents must be sold in a single lot, and that the owner must never separate the documents, though they may sell them to another collector in-full.

Many of the documents are written in Dr. Prince’s own handwriting, including his famous speech, “Paradigm,” in which he called for unity of the Galaxy’s many heritages.

One of the other drafts is for his Peace Prize acceptance speech, in which he said of another great, slain leader, “What killed Ledini? He speaks to each of us in his death. He is not dead.” The acceptance-speech draft also contains a reference to the great civil-rights pioneer Labalam Incon, linking three great peace-martyrs from the Kroy Territories in one letter.

The auction lot also contains the original invitation  from Mogul Ell Bea Jey to Dr. Prince allowing him to attend  the ground-breaking signing of the Civilian Rights Act, which Dr. Prince championed. The invitation directed the famous leader to bring the invitation with him on his trip to the Hope, as it would be his only way of gaining access to the event.

The lot also contains many pamphlets from–and about–the Ynde philosopher Yandi, which Dr. Prince idolized and emulated.

Yandi also fought for freedom, and won his fight with peace instead of violence. Dr. King formed his own version of the philosophy, which states, “Humanity needs to overcome violence and oppression without resorting to violence and oppression,”

Sadly, Larin Matan Prince Jr.’s death came early, and violently, as he was slain by a sniper with a contraband fire-arm before the age of forty.

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