Problems Ignite as Shortages Increase

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Published on: November 26, 2006

Rhosian officials recently announced that they may start looking to Asadian Territories to sell their wares in an effort to step further into the galactic marketplace.

“We have been blocked at every turn,” stated Mogul Pustain. “We cannot move in any other direction, as no one will grant us the ability to galacticize our industries. All they want is our Hydrogen3, but Asadian space will let us sell more. They will let us grow, and we will help them grow. When Brytasish or Kroy baronies do galactic business, it is given a proper term. When we try to galacticize, it is called expansion–and it is looked at as an ugly thing.”

While it is unlikely that the Baronage and moguls of Rhosia will pull their current contracts, many fear that things may change.

“Rhosian baronies have honored every deal during even the most terrible times of galactic turmoil,” stated a representative from Kroy. “Things appear to be changing in the Galaxy, however. Asadian space is growing. The territories between Kroy space and Rhosian space are joining forces…and Rhosian space recently cut off their supply of H3 to Ukla, which is on the outskirts of this new…force.”

With H3 production problems throughout the Galaxy, rising prices in Kroy space, and several Asadian territories on the verge of becoming juggernauts, nothing is certain, except that everything changes. 

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