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Aria Kalsan: The Kalsan, Wilhelm Younger, 1999
The origin of the Kalsan Alliance

Aria Kalsan Anthology: Mysteries of the Future, Various, 2004
Short stories, poems, and artwork from fifteen international authors

Aria Kalsan Compendium, Christopher Bowes, 2007
Aria Kalsan encyclopedia of characters, symbols, and background events

Aria Kalsan: Kalervan Principles, Catherine Grant, 2007
Engaging, uplifting, and spiritual poems as told by the Kalsan named Kalerva

Aria Kalsan: Kalervan Principles
Genre: Poetry
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Aria Kalsan: Foundations, K.D. Larson, 2007
Chronicles of life after the earth exodus

Aria Kalsan: Vol. I, Various, 2007
Short stories, poems, and artwork from international authors 

Aria Kalsan: Galactic Zombification and Other Designs of Destruction , Various, 2008-2010
Suspenseful short stories that explore our deepest fears

Aria Kalsan: Xenophobe, Wilhelm Younger, 2009

 A marooned shuttle drives a paniced crew to the brink of insanity

Aria Kalsan: Heartroot Cafe, Various, 2010
In a TerraBase called Arboresta, eight friends cling together during a time of war and hardship. When most of the male population goes far away to fight in the war, the women must pick up the slack and carry on. For the most part the remaining citizens are the women, the young, the old of the town, while the “leftover” men are the defiant, idealistic, problematic, apathetic, or cowardly.

During this troublesome time of political unrest and divided ideology, an unlikely group of seven women and one man meet weekly at the only diner in town called “Shakes Cafe.” Throughout the course of the evening, the group discusses the events of the week regarding romance, mystery, or adventure.

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