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Collector’s Guide

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Item Name Date
“The Kalsan,” book 05/1999
Kalsan Action Figure 07/1999
Kalsan Fighting, videogame and web site 04/2000
Kalsan Holiday Cards 11/2001
“Oficisto”, Baronial Officer, patch 01/2004
Red Nebula, hat 01/2004
Blue Nebula, hat 01/2004
Kalsan Ke, plastic sword 7/2004
Milky Way Planets, poster 10/2004
Milky Way Planets, calendar 10/2004
Unravel the Mysteries, T-shirt 11/2004
Baby Kalsan, clothes 02/2004
Aria Kalsan Poster 09/2004
AKA Collector Galley 10/2004
AKAnthology: Mysteries of the Future, 1st edition book 10/2004
AKA Poster 11/2004
I Love Mars, T-shirt 02/2005
Mars Has My Heart, T-shirt 02/2005
Mari, Dirt and Rocks Everywhere, flag 03/2005
I Survived Mari, T-shirt 04/2005
I Survived Mari, T-shirt 04/2005
Independece Mari, T-shirt 05/2005
Libera Mari. T-shirt 05/2005
MIP, patch 07/2005
Independence Mari, clock 8/2005
MIP, tank shirt 8/2005
Aria Kalsan Chat Client 10/2005
AK Kalsan in Armor, print 10/2005
AK Kalsan in Armor, bookmark 10/2005
Holiday eCards 12/2005
AKA stickers 01/2006
MIP stickers 02/2006
Pearls Before Swine, 1st edition, DVD 09/2006
Art Exhibition Catalog 11/2006
Armada Tank LE Board Game 06/2007
Baronial Tank Commander Uniform 08/2007
The Divinity of War; The Hands of Hope: A Space Opera, video 08/2007
(Limited Edition) AK: Compendium 04/2007
(Limited Edition) AK: Kalervan Principles 01/2007
(Limited Edition) AK: Foundations 11/2007
Kalsan Riotgrrl Attack Kitty 2/2008
Hot Pink Kills clothes 4/2008
Kalsan Flare Flair 7/2008
Aria Kalsan: Xenophobe Book 10/2009
Save the Galaxy Bumper Stickers 11/2009
Aria Kalsan: Heartroot Cafe 1/2010
LE Book Jacket

Aria Kalsan: ODD Book 4/2010
  Aria Kalsan: Heartroot Cafe Book 6/2010
  Legacy Earth: Wii Game 6/2011
  Art Prints 10/2011
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