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Prelude to Hope by Catherine Grant

Fiction, whether it is in the form of poetry or prose, scientific certainty or hypothetical, or just one’s own imagination set to words, music or dream, must all ultimately meet at the same crossroads: the evolution of the race both culturally and technologically.

For good or bad, positive or negative, free will has reigned to ensure thus, no matter what the consequences.

Once again we are approaching the crossroads where hangs the sign with the word ‘Hope,’ written in thought. The direction we take when we do arrive at it is still to be decided by us; therefore the journeys destination remains an unwritten mystery.

Background from the Author

The first five lines of the poem belong to Kalerva and as such will have to remain a mystery.

This poem was, is, and always will be one of my personal favourites because it starts by stating everything that we can all identify with as being wrong and needing changed on the planet, running simultaneously is the deeper and often ignored side of man i.e. the non physical unseen part which gives us imagination to create, sadly it is the double edged sword as it can also be used negatively.

In the poem, hope was formerly left only in the realm of dream, but throughout existence humanity retains at the core of his being the ability and need to love whether it be a person, nature, or something else, and in the poem this love engenders the conscience which enables the turning tide at the last second in earths downward spiral. This permits the people to change the route the planet had taken.

The poem ends with humanity looking inward both collectively on a planetary scale , and individually, realizing they have, not just the desire, but the strength to change the way they treat a planet that is, after all, the only home they and future generations may have. As a result even the true nature of nature itself is given awareness and works to help calm the chaos until humanity realizes their potential and works with, instead of against nature.

Together the balance is returned. This is ‘Hope.’

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