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Press and Light November 10, 2004

By Melissa Linebrink



Former North Ridgeville resident, Jon Wilhelm,took his interest in illustration, sociology, hermeneutics (the study of knowledge), anthropology and semiology (the study of signs) and put them into words.


Wilhelm said the book, “Aria Kalsan Anthology: Mysteries of the Future” is an allegory, which means thereare two stories occurring at the same time. The first story is literal and the second is symbolic.“The literal story chronicles life after the Earth becomes uninhabitable,” Wilhelm said. “Only the wealthy and powerful of the world were able to escape to the nearby Moon space station and start civilization again. The stories take the reader from the first days of life in space to spreading across the galaxy. The symbolic story represents the galaxy as the cities of the Earth. For example, Planet Hope, in the book, is a symbol for Washington D.C.”


Wilhelm, who graduated in 2000 from the Cleveland Institute of Art, but also attended Parsons School of Design and NewSchool for Social Research, worked on the book “on and off” for a little over three years andeventually turned to others for their ideas as well.In the summer of 2003, Wilhelm began looking for authors to collaborate with for the project. Eventually, Wilhelm turned to the Internet and condensed his 400-page story into 50 pages and sent out a message asking otherauthors for their input. He received over 300 responses andeventually chose 14 other authors from around the world tohelp him. The different authors are from Australia, Canada,Holland, India, Spain, Scotland and the United States.


“When I work, I come up with the concept and the message first, and then I find the best way to convey that idea,” Wilhelm said. “Sometimes I use paint or video or evenglass. However, books are the medium of ideas, so it was only fitting that I begin the project with a book.”


For those who are interested in “meeting” the authors of “Aria Kalsan Anthology: Mysteries of the Future,” an online book signing will be held Nov. 13.


Since it will impossible to meet all of the authors in person, theidea of the online book signing will give readers theopportunity to chat with the authors, they will be able todiscuss the book and order an autographed copy of the book.For those living in the United States, the online booksigning will take place at 4 p.m. EST and 1 p.m. PST.


“I want to do my best to give something meaningful back to my community and the world, for that matter,” Wilhelm said. “I thought it would be interesting toshow how hope and balance can work in our day to daylives in a setting that is similar but different from our own.”

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