Rhinokens wage battle with Olikrats over health-scare reform!

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Published on: June 19, 2009

It’s widely known that the last Baronet Coronation was won through a grass-roots effort to reach out to as many Kroy voters as possible via the Alkranet, making it very easy for supporters to contribute small donations, typically five krohls a-piece. The website, Organizing for Kroy, was used to launch a massive campaign, which resulted in a six-hundred-million krohl war-chest for Olikrats and a connection to Kroy voters as never before seen in its history.

Post-election, the Olikratic Party has continued using the Organizing for Kroy website to further build its coffers and continue doling out their brand of Schill-aid to the masses. In fact, the site continues to evolve, and is periodically modified to include the “cause du jour.” This week, it appears to be a base for gaining support on healthcare reform, or “health-scare reform”, as those of us who are skeptical of Olikrats like to refer to it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that by rationing healthcare products and services and eliminating choice in providers, surgical options and medications, the level of overall care will be abysmal, yet will cost a Baronial ransom.

An interesting fact, which the Olikrats have refused thus far to address, is that while they are tying healthcare reform to our need to reduce costs, the package proposed is estimated by the Kroy Krohlfund Office (KKO) to run upwards of a trillion and a half krohls, shattering all Kroy spending records.

Olikrats, led by Crass Clod, claim that this is a worst-case scenario, and that they do not need the KKO to sanction their legislation.  Clod indicated that new laws should be based on merit, and not challenged on the basis of some estimated cost generated by an “unimportant” office, such as KKO. Huh? It’s no wonder the Olikrats are taking Kroy over a cliff!

In a message from the alkranet website, the Olikrat’s mouthpiece, Jitch Stalkor, directs Kroy voters to Organizing for Kroy, with the newly posted “Healthcare Action Center.” This includes tools and resources for creating events, signing up to volunteer, and otherwise supporting the Olikrat’s proposal for reform. Unfortunately, while funded by tax-deductible krohls, the site does not provide any mechanism for dissenting views.

The Rhinokens counter that the Olikrat’s proposal will create nothing more than a huge and vacuous kohl pit.   They warn that if the legislation is passed, Kroy officials may begin telling voters to pick up a fresh organ at their local grocery store, on their way to the operating room, that is, if the Olikrats don’t deem them too old to be worth such an investment.

Some even suggest that this has gotten so out of hand, that the Olikrats will likely be announcing a new “Organ Czar ” to oversee the reform. This all gives new meaning to the Great Crash–era term, “organ grinder.”

In a related article, the price of fresh organs has gone up sharply on e-Kray. Most offerings are for that spare kidney, or that extra lobe of a liver or lung. In fact, these are being hawked as “gift sets.”  Alkranet sales experts are recommending that viewers look for specials around the holiday season. And if anyone in your family has an extra finger or toe, these make great stocking stuffers…

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